cylinder misfire on 86 gl1200 a

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cylinder misfire on 86 gl1200 a

Post by wingdean1962 »

My 86 Aspy will not fire on one cylinder. carbs are good and set rich enough. It will idle if choked to start, but if I try the throttle it noses over or I get A little popping .The coil wire to that cylinder seems to be firing way too fast compared to the others. And the engine does try to run better when I tease the wire back A little. So my question is this. Is there A component on the bike that can cause erratic coil firing and restrict the fuel flow?

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Re: cylinder misfire on 86 gl1200 a

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Could be poor electrical connection(s). Have you physically checked the dog bone fuse for cracking? 'Kill' switch contacts dirty, causing intermittent on & off condition? What ever wire you are "teasing" has a bad connection? If you get the bike to run with the choke in the 'on' position, that tends to indicate that the idle circuits of the carbs are dirty & need cleaning. Hope this is if some help.
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Re: cylinder misfire on 86 gl1200 a

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Holding the high tension wire a bit from the plug intensifies the spark. As it retains the coil charge just a wee bit longer making the plug fire stronger. New plugs or not I would first swap the problem plug with one that is firing. It is also possible your compression is low in that cylinder and the same story the stronger spark will sometimes make it fire. Just a thought. Good luck

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