GL1200 regulator/rectifier

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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GL1200 regulator/rectifier

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In April of 2015 I bought a 87 Aspencade that looked like new and only had 11k on the clock....thinking wonders what I had found. Well, those low miles were a problem....the bike had not been ridden enough. I am in Wisconsin and in March of this year I packed up that wing and headed to Phoenix to catch some Milwaukee Brewer Spring baseball. When I got home, I had logged 7500 miles; not too bad. About two weeks after getting back home, the bike had a charging problem that turned out to be the stator. Hmmm, the bike only had 28k on it at that moment....too soon for the stator to give out. Someone on this forum suggested that, once again, the stator going out so soon was due to the bike not having been ridden enough. My Honda dealer installed a new aftermarket stator at that time....and I continued to ride. This summer I had been making plans to go to Wing Ding in Billings. I packed up the 87 Aspencade and off I went. A few nights ago I spent the night in Murdo, SD. The next morning I gassed the bike up and continued to head west. Hmmm, the bike began to run "wrong". I pulled off at the Wall exit and she died at the stop sign. I got it towed to the Honda dealer in Rapid City and they diagnosed that the regulator/rectifier had given out and they would have one shipped over night. The following morning that aftermarket part arrived and was installed and by 1pm I was back on the road headed west. This was now the third day of Wing Ding and I had been missing it due to the problem. I turned onto high way 212 while heading to Billings. I was only a few miles from Broudus when the bike died AGAIN. Well, there went Wing Ding!! A very nice local fellow helped me get the bike into town. I learned that the Honda dealer in Billings no longer works on the older bikes, but he gave me the name of a fellow in Billings who still did. That fellow, in a phone conversation, suggested that the aftermarket stator is burning out the after market regulator rectifiers. My pick up truck at home is on its last leg, so I bought a good used "not too expensive" F150 in Spearfish. That dealer helped me load the Aspencade into the bed and now I'm making tracks back to Wisconsin on I90. Does anybody out there have thoughts about all of this?

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Re: GL1200 regulator/rectifier

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Wow ... 29 years and only 11,0000 ! Certainly NOT ridden enough !

There are two main causes go GL1200 stator failures :
a) The #$^#@ 3 yellow wire plug, designed for 12 volts, often with 75 volts in it
b) hot corrosive , "old" oil eating thru the windings

Other minor causes are : corroded connections near the rect/reg, damaged wiring anywhere in the circuit , bad ground cable , bad battery , etc .
Modern aftermarket stators should be much better than the original OEM : as are modern Rect'reg : ... ade-Stator ... ade-Stator

So ...
First ascertain exactly what Stator your mechanic supplied you with ? Did he cut out the yellow wire connector and hard solder it ?

Secondly , do the Ken Chapin three part test on the old stator , before you remove it again : ... ing-5.html
and possibly check the " dead " rect with the test in your manual ...

Mine was giving erratic LCD readings .. I cut out the yellow plug , added an Electrical connections 1200 wiring harness , tested both components completely, and replaced with hard soldered joints all the connections at the rect/reg . ( Red, yellow, green, black )
That was 12 years ago ... no problems since !

Thirdly , if you want to replace it ( again ) with a good quality aftermarket stator and better Reg/rect , figure out exactly why it failed before doing much ...
Was the oil corrosive ? was the 3-yellow plug still there ? Was it a really cheap aftermarket stator ?

and finally , many of my 1200 friends have gone the external alternator POOR BOY route . If properly done , it works very well

Good Luck


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