Clicking sound from drive shaft (I think)

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Clicking sound from drive shaft (I think)

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Hi all, My LTD has been making this strange and sometimes quite loud clicking sound while on the road. The sound comes first when the bike is warmed up and even then it comes and goes. The sound changes in relation to the rotation of the wheels and not the engine revs. I've tried braking to see if this helps but it doesn't. At first I thought something like a branch got lodged in the back wheel but there is nothing to be seen. I've checked the back bearings and they seem fine. Sound comes and goes in connection to me changing gear and slowing down. Once I'm driving at a constent speed, the sound is either there or not.... It sounds like the sound is coming from the area under the seat, i.e. where the transmission shaft starts......can there be anything here that causes that sound. The bike drives fine, but that noise takes the pleasure out of it and I'm afraid it may lead to more damage.

All suggestions are welcome, Thanks All. Kevin

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Re: Clicking sound from drive shaft (I think)

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Kevin - take the rear wheel off and check the wheel bearings. These Hondas have been known to have the outer bearing turn in the sleeve, and a precursor to failure is an apparent clicking sound. Have a look at my thread on the rear wheel issue. Some good information.


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