GL1200 Radio display window cleanup procrdure.

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GL1200 Radio display window cleanup procrdure.

Post by Rusty Bike »

My radio channel display was foggy and unreadable as I'm sure most are. Here is my fix. Procure a new single edge razor blade. Measure the height of the window. Now cut a piece from the razor blade to the same dimension as the height of the window. To cut blade, score with a grinder and snap. Next mask off the dash surrounding the window for protection. Put sharp edge of blade against end of window and drag blade across window while applying fair pressure with fingers. You want to drag the blade with about a 10 degree angle, with sharp edge trailing. Each stroke will remove a white dusty power which is funky plastic. After several strokes you will notice the surface of the window getting clearer and more uniform in color. I did this stroking about 20 times. When satisfied that the most of the funky plastic is gone, I applied Meguiar's Plast-X clear plastic cleaner as directed on container. Lastly remove masking tape. My radio display is now just as visible as my voltmeter display. Looks great! Hope this helps...Rusty

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Re: GL1200 Radio display window cleanup procrdure.

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Yea I had the same problem., my chum a body shop owner gave me a tad of a 3M product for buffing up the lacquer coats after the paint job. He sent me home with a bit and told me to use a soft cloth and gently but firmly rum the clock face across not up and down for like 20 minutes. I did just what he said and after cleaning it off and drying it the face was pretty much like new. I also use it on my windshield to take all the little scratches out from cleaning or what ever. It really works.

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Re: GL1200 Radio display window cleanup procrdure.

Post by DoorCountyWI »

I have the same problem on my radio screen. Thanks for the idea!

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Re: GL1200 Radio display window cleanup procrdure.

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A dab of Plast-X or other polish applied with clean cloth occasionally will keep it clear .... all I've ever used and looks great.

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