Adding external audio device to 1200

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Adding external audio device to 1200

Post by DoorCountyWI »

Hi all,
There is a great article on this in the DIY section but it doesn't look like it's been responded to in a while so I thought I post my question here.

I like to listen to my IPhone (xm satellite radio works excellent!) while driving. I currently run a cassette adapter into the cassette player from my headphone jack on my phone. This works flawlessly. However, I was toying with the idea of a more direct connection.

In the DIY article it briefly mentions running audio through the volume control. I am assuming this is the volume control on the left side fairing panel by your knee. I know that when you remove that two knob panel, there is a thicker gray wire coming from the back to a connector that resembles a connector for an older type microphone. I am assuming that this wire would lead directly to the radio (I am assuming that this is connection point for a cb or intercom). Am I right? Has anyone ever tried modifying this connector (for example, splicing a headphone jack onto this wire) to run a differernt audio device)? If this would work, it would make a great connection point without the necessity of the cassette adapter or any other additional devices?

Has anyone ever given this a shot or heard of anyone who has? Any advice?


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Re: Adding external audio device to 1200

Post by SilverDave »

I went to the trouble with my GL1200 radio to do this fiddly job :


The radio ( model RM1100 ) had other issues (no FM , etc ) but this difficult soldering job did work ... very well a direct connection to the circuit board . If you can do it ... I can highly recommend it ... I used a small iTunes to input to it .. and got great sound

I have a second radio , model RM 1300, which always worked better , 'cept for the LCD display .....
but sadly the mother board is totally different ... and I tried for many internet hours to find a map of that circuit board .... Nope !!

so I gave up, and also use a tape adapter .

Heavy Sigh .

so my advice :

Check your radio model . It can be done on an older RM1100.
Panasonic changed the GL1200 radio EVERY year, and each model is different


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