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Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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need to know

Post by swarthoutdorman »

I came to a stop sign and my motorcycle lost power like I turn the key off the dashboard went dark from that day to today because I'm headed down the freeway the bike cuts out and then comeback on as a movie the stator charges the battery it does backfire on deceleration but I think that is the pressure relief valve I could be wrong what do you think


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Re: need to know

Post by sportsfreaked »

Perhaps you can reword your post. It's a bit hard to understand what you are asking. Are you asking does the stator charge the battery only whne moving?
Thanks to all who answer and help. It is greatly appreciated!

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Re: need to know

Post by SilverDave »

Off-on power loss is almost certainly a crack in the dogbone fuse .

Check it out carefully ... it will be a hairline crack .
As soon as you can , replace with fuse holder , and a 30 amp blade fuse .


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Re: need to know

Post by G-Wiz »

Could it possibly be a bad ignition switch? Try turning the key very slightly to the left and see if the power to the instruments returns.

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Re: need to know

Post by julimike54 »

Also an intermittent "Kill" switch will cause (if display stays "on"). As stated earlier, a better description of the symptoms would help. If you are saying the dash display goes off (blank) then the Ignition switch or as stated before the Dog Bone main 30 amp fuse. Also check battery connections and ground to frame connections for loose or corrosion causing bad connection!

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