Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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im sure im not the first one to ask but here goes..the speakers on my 86 SEI aspy sound like crap to be blunt, no base ,no highs, just noise in my opinion. my question is are there speakers availible that will fit in the exsisting speaker housing that sound better than the thirty year old stock speakers thanks guys

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Re: speakers

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Don't feel bad my SEi is the same, radio sounds like CRAP! :roll: . Better speakers out there, probably, speakers have come a long way. Will better speakers sound better at 60 mph, not really. The big problem is the tiny enclosures the speakers live in. Speakers need room to make bass. I build tube type guitar amps so I know a bit about speakers. Road noise drowns them out also. These bikes are set up for headphones so that may be the best way to get better sound. Problem with headphones is safety related. You loose an important sense with headphones, ambient sound hearing. Now you are less in touch with your surroundings, not good on a bike IMO. I am considering removing the speakers and receiver from my bike. This will remove weight which is mounted up high on the bike which should improve handling and lower the center of gravity. There are better and lighter options for music available these days that can be used when the bike is parked. Parked is the only time I am interested in listening to music anyway due to the above mentioned shortcomings. Mom says "There's no paradise on earth" I think she is right!

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