Accessory lights powering

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Accessory lights powering

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I took off the faux tank to examine the wiring for the accessory lights and found the wire to the lower front/side white (fog?) lights was disconnected; the wire was actually taped up, so it was deliberately done.

The bike is a 1987 Apsencade, GL1200. When I bought it, it came with all the bling already done up; there are accessory lights all around ... the tree lights on front forks, top/front, lights around the lower edge of the saddle bags and back bumper; even the little blue lights on the side saddle bags, extra blinker/arrow lights under the trunk; even a lights on the rear mud flap (not sure which are factory and which as add-ons). The accessory lights are on a separate switch, so I can turn them on/off only when I want them on (presumable when driving at night).

Should I presume someone disconnected those front lights perhaps due to issues/concerns about power, excessive draw on the battery/alternator?

How can I tell if there is a lot/too much draw happening? I'd like to hook these lights up but I don't want to harm the electrical.

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Re: Accessory lights powering

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you just need to figure out how much all the bulbs use and compare to your charging system output ,, Me thinks you should have a 30% safety margin .. for sure if you over draw the the inadequate charging system it will give trouble . lots of guys are going to led's ,that way you can have many if that's your bag and not over work the electrical ..JMO . If these lower lights you mention are high wattage that would probably be the reason for cutting them out of the system . I put 2 -100 watt spots on my crash bars and was lucky all it did was burned the wires off at the battery fuse .. Took them off and put a 90 watt led spot flood combo and 2 - 18 watt spots one on each side pointing to the ditch and have never looked back . the best thing since zippers . The charging systems on these machines seems to be poor at best so treat it proper or it will leave you sitting .

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