It's all over...

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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It's all over...

Post by Rusty Bike »

:cry: Well, I got about 300 miles on the SEi in the last two days. Mostly just putting around the Alleghany River forest. 70 deg yesterday, snow tonight! That's it, I'm done for this year. Now to get back to work on the bike.

Things to do: Open up handle bars controls to clean n lube switches. I use Deoxit for this chore. Bought a set of carb sticks on Ebay, really nice quality item, "Carb Tune Pro" from England. Will check n set throttle body sync with these. There may be slop in the throttle linkage plastic pivot bushings that are causing sync problems. Trouble shoot to find intermittent miss at low speed. It feels electrical in nature. Ha Ha, it's snowing now, 30 mph winds! Replace warped front left rotor with an Ebay rotor. Seller states that it is true... :roll: Replace busted left mirror. Remove stereo unit and speakers. Remove trunk, I feel this will help low speed handling. Change oil, clean, detail and winterize and hook up battery tender.

Then I can put my old Yamaha 750 Special back together.

So, what are your plans for your bike this winter?

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Re: It's all over...

Post by dingdong »

Don't really have to "winterize" our bikes here. More sunny days than other areas. Perhaps one month, January, is the main non riding month. So we just do a normal service and keep the battery tender hooked up. December and February have lots of relatively warm days for riding.

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Re: It's all over...

Post by RoadRogue »

My plans for the winter are to repaint my 1500 and add a few minor upgrades in the process. Have been riding a 86 1200 Interstate this year that I resurrected from a barn, it's nice but it's no 1500, it helped me with my withdrawal symptoms while I collected the needed parts for the 1500 after the deer strike took it out of commission.

When the paint has dried and the 1500 is all bolted back together I will be looking at turning the 1200 into a trike for the GF. She's a long term Harley girl that lost a leg below the knee when she got T boned by a drunk driver 25 years ago or so. She has been riding Harley baggers for years since the accident. She finds that she has a hard time holding up a bike at stop lights now, so I'm going to build a " learner trike" for her to get her back in the wind again. She likes the back of the 1500 but still misses her own ride, it's bend, bend ,weld, weld time for me. Should be fun. 8-)
Ride safe, Todd
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