Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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can a 1985 GL1200 LTD exhaust be converted to fit slip on pipes? IE; using pipes from a Harley ect..

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Re: Exhaust

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Welcome Roadhugger2b...The exhaust header nipple at the muffler measures aprox 1.66" OD. About the same size as 1 1/4" rigid conduit. The exhaust gasket adds another 1/4" or so to that OD so your at 1.91" aprox. You can go from there to figure it out. I have herd of guys using Harley mufflers. I feel that you may lose performance going to different pipes but don't know this for sure. Good luck and let us know how you make out...

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Re: Exhaust

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Have heard of people putting slip on mufflers on GWs, but not an '85 LTD. The LTD/SEi exhaust is different from the other 1200s as well.

I refurbished my exhaust with an exhaust from from a 1200 Aspencade. Had to replace the exhaust nipple on the exhaust manifolds because the original nipples were paper thin with a couple of holes in the nipples. Local muffler shop had the requisite sized pipe for the nipple, and had a local machine shop fit and weld the new nipple. The position/angles of the exhaust nipples on the right and left exhaust manifold are different, and need some expertise to get right. When you take your pipes apart, have a look at the manifold nipples, you may have to replace these in order to get a good seal.

The exhaust clamps are available from Honda, but you may have to wait for a while for these to show up. I reused mine, but used new SS bolts.

I had thought of using a different pipe setup and have access to a set of sportster pipes for free, but I Iike the quiet of the GW. I also read up on HD pipes and depending on the model, depends on how the pipes were designed. I read that some of the pipes on a bike are not equally the same. HD has designed some of its pipes so that at low end, one pipe is more dominant than the other, and when at cruising speed both flow the same - has to do with the crossover pipe that is used.

If you have a specific exhaust in mind, recommend doing a bit of research on that exhaust before dropping you money down.

Another consideration for you in Ontario is the need to have a bike safetied whenever it is sold. The GW exhaust has a catalytic converter incorporated into it, and my understanding from when I lived there is that it has to be there when you sell the bike. Fortunately here in BC there is no requirement to have a personal vehicle safetied after it has been done when new or when brought into the province. Used bikes brought into the province are exempt from this as well.

Just a few more thoughts on this issue. Good luck.

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Re: Exhaust

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The GW exhaust has a catalytic converter incorporated into it,
The GL1200 does not have a catalytic converter. It does have a "mid chamber" formed in with the two mufflers as one big unit.

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