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New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:39 pm
by Rednaxs60
Being a bugger for punishment (pardon the vernacular), I have purchased a second 1985 Limited Edition. Originally I bought this as a parts bike as it has been sitting idle since late 2014; however, the PO sent me a picture of the bike before he had some electrical problems with it.

Bike circa 2014
Bike circa 2014

The PO also sent me the invoices for the work he did on the bike. He had a new starter installed, rebuilt the rear shocks, replaced one set of front pads (would have thought to do both myself), installed progressive springs in front forks and parts as required, and put on new tires. He then had some electrical issues such as blowing the clutch diode and from a look at the pictures he sent me, stator issues as well. I have discussed the bike with him at length for information on engine maintenance and the likes. He did not have the timing belts changed so that is on my upcoming list. The PO told me was glad I would resurrect the bike instead of parting it out.

From the above picture and some others the PO sent me, the seat and leather parts appear to be in good shape - not cracked. The parts he had off the bike were covered in plastic and kept out of the elements. Here are some pictures of the new to me bike.

False tank and travel computer plastic wrapped
False tank and travel computer plastic wrapped

Bike on PO trailer
Bike on PO trailer

Right side looking forward
Right side looking forward

Left side looking forward
Left side looking forward

My brother has it stored in northern Ontario (Canada) for me. He was gracious and drove the 500 Kms to pick it up for me - owed me a favour.

I am putting a list of items to be addressed this coming year so I can get it on the road and ride it back here to Victoria.
Items needed/want to replace:

Timing belts - Gates T070
Clutch lever bushing
New clutch diode
Alt conversion
Rebuild front/rear calipers
New front/rear brake pads
Flush brake and clutch hydraulics
Coolant flush
New fuel filter
Engine oil/filter change
New diff oil
FD removal - clean and lube with moly
New exhaust header gaskets - drop for alt install and rear bike work

May also do some small mods such as 12 VDC mod to coils, check grounds, especially grounding strap to engine, and put in test points for TPS, etc. Have asked my brother to take specific close up pictures so I can look at the bike in some detail and get a better picture of the work required. Will get my brother to get a picture of the inside of the fuel tank as I know there may be some rust buildup.

I have a price list from the work done on my '85 and cost to me to get it safe for the trip back is approximately $500.00. for the parts above. I never count my labour. I expect to have a 3 week work window (including road testing) with a 5 to 10 day trip back to Victoria - looking at a approximately 4 weeks to do this. My brother looses his garage for the time I am working. Makes me think of virgilmobile and his resurrection of his 1500 - way different, but getting the old girl going after a lengthy hiatus.

I do not intend to give this new bike the full refurbishment that I did on my existing '85, but I do want it to safe for the road and as trouble free at minimal expense. Once I get it home, and it becomes my second ride, I do expect that in the fullness of time it may get several upgrades to bring it closer to original condition.

If the bike works out as the picture shows, will have to search for another "parts" bike. Going to need another garage to store all these gems. I'm a believer in that with an older bike, you will have down time and need another bike to ride in the interim. As long as this one is safe for the road it will fit the bill. Another consideration here in BC is tha I can licence this new to me bike as a collector and only pay approximately $300.00 for insurance. Two bikes - $600.00 - not bad deal.

Will keep this thread going as I progress.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.


Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 2:16 am
by Rusty Bike
Well sir, that looks like a worthwhile project to me. That 85 is all there and is well kept. With your knowledge and hopefully a well stocked shop,I see no reason why your time line could not be met. How many miles is on it? Have your brother pull the plugs and put a few shots of MMO in the cylinders. Give is a spin if he can then put the plugs back in. Let it set. That MMO will do miracles! I would consider changing fork oil also if you can. Take a hard look at the R rear wheel bearing. If you see any bluing or wear on the axle at that bearing location, you have problems. I agree, that bike is too nice to part out. You are doing fine thing. Good Luck...Rusty

Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:48 am
by Rednaxs60
Thanks for the support. I do not intend to get into it the same as I did with the one I have out here, at least not at the start.

I will look at changing the fork oil, thanks for the suggestion. The bike has approximately 101K Kms on it - just getting broken in.

The right rear wheel bearing will be looked at. Still pondering the change to a 1500 rear, but these are not that plentiful here north of the border and on the island. Could also do the '86 SEi fix as well.

My brother does not want to get into doing some work on the bike, but maybe I can coerce him into it. Would be nice to make sure it does turn. With some good long distance direction, I think I can get him todo a few things. Once he gets me the pictures I want, should be able to get a few more things done., or planned.

Think I'll also change the starter solenoid for a blade type, and replace the in-line 30 amp dog bone fuse as well.

These little things can make the difference between the ride from hell, or an enjoyable cross country trip.


Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:18 am
by Rusty Bike
Oh, I see the forks have been done, missed that... I do have a 1500 FD, Wheel, and brake assembly here. Supposedly all low mileage from a local trike conversion. I have my SEi for sale so I may not need this stuff. Keep me in mind. I'm between Pittsburgh and Erie PA.

My SEi had a bad R rear bearing at 44,000 miles so I don't think the SEi was much better that the other older GL's. My wheel had to be sleeved and re bored for a new bearing. Most of the miles on my bike were two up, judging by the wear on the matching OEM helmets.

Your parts bike has nicer paint then my SEi. I just bought a Valkyrie, brought it home in a 6x12 Uhall box trailer. Trailer cost me $43.00 for one day rental, that includes insurance. Nice trailer and the tiedowns were strong. Might be a good way for you to go. You could get it home now. Just a thought...Stay warm...Rusty

Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 12:11 pm
by geraldm

Can never have to many if there coming at the right price .if you are riding it home in summer dont be afraid to stop in Saskatchewan and say hi . if your having trouble , just get in touch , I have a trailer to haul you to my shack and do some fixing , have weekend living quarters in my drag bike trailer if you need a break old timer can stay as long as ya want . good luck with the new machine .

decided to paint , this is whats left .

Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 2:03 pm
by runnerme
That IS a nice looking project. If a stop in Winnipeg along the way home is in your plans get in touch. I can put you up if you'd like.

Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 2:31 pm
by Rednaxs60
Thanks to both runnerme and Geraldm for the offers of which I will most likely apprise myself of because I am an economical Canadian.

Geraldo - where is Pumphandle Saskatchewan? Have used the expression, but could not find it on mapquest. Also ordered up the resistor(s) and Hall Effect Sensor just in case - probably not if something will happen but when.

Have a list of parts (already started to order) and work to be done. Going to be a great project and fun - emphasis on fun.

So much to do and never enough time.


Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:43 pm
by geraldm
Broderick . south of Saskatoon 60 miles or north of Gardiner Dam 20 miles

Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2017 10:22 pm
by Rednaxs60
geraldm wrote:Broderick . south of Saskatoon 60 miles or north of Gardiner Dam 20 miles
Got it.

Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:19 pm
by kjroondog
Hello from N.C.
Stator issues can be a bugger. Ensure all tests are done with the output voltage, shorts to ground, and amps testing, with the 3 yellow wires disconnected of course. Mine has about the same mileage, stator is just about shot. 2 legs of the stator good, one bad. She'll run around town but not on any lenth of trips.
One thing that gets overlooked is the positive cable, always a good idea to change it to a braided cable. I have a poorboy kit I have been meaning to install on this one but I have another one in this mechanics garage that he has had for quite a while. I have since learned alot and will be following this thread when I can.
Good luck & Happy Gremlin Hunting

Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 4:14 pm
by Rednaxs60
Been this route with my '85 LTD I have here in Victoria. Did the alt mod on it and it is working a treat. This new to me LTD is a spare bike actually. I'm a firm believer that riding older bikes require backup plans because it s not if something will go, but when. The other issue is parts are getting a bit scarce, specifically electronics, but there are ways to work around the issues, even using parts from newer model years. Since this requires time, I wanted a second bike as a backup plan. Here in Victoria BC I can licence both as collector bikes and the insurance is minimal compared to a newer bike less than 25 years old.

I get a lot of information of these forums and bookmark what I feel would be beneficial to keep track of. I have noticed that the 1500s are starting to come to the fore regarding maintenance, work issues, as are the 1800s. There's no real panacea for riding a used, older motorcycle unless you are willing to go new, and even then, there is no guarantee.

The only real issue I see in the future of the bikes I have is the TPS. It is no longer available so it will be search issue. Thinking that one from an 1800 might work. I have information on an aftermarket fix, installing one from a Honda Acura. The information is in PDF format. I think there would be an interference issue because of the alt mod install - not certain though.

Think the LTD is a great bike, and it keeps the mind active keeping up with possible/potential issues. I'm betting it will keep up with and be as reliable as my friends and their HDs. Will find out this June when we do our road trip around BC.

Safe riding.


Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:14 am
by Rednaxs60
Spent the weekend in northern Ontario, rather barbaric part of Canada at -35° C, for Mom’s 85th birthday and to give the new to me bike a good going over.

Moved the bike from cold storage into my brother’s heated garage, but had to remove the front calipers to allow the front wheel to turn. Calipers are on the list to be rebuilt.

Once in the garage did a survey to make sure all the parts and pieces that make it look like a bike were there. Most of the parts such as the fairings, false tank rear bags were in good shape. Paint peeling on the front fairing, and a small bit of damage to the rear trunk, not a big issue.

Looked at the state of the wiring, almost original except for an installed 12 VDC receptacle, now removed. The stator/RR wiring at the RR location looked burnt and is in terrible condition. Someone had done the hard soldering of all stator/RR wires. Will be installing the alt mod, do not need electrical power issues when on the road. Cost is like that of a stator and do not have to remove the engine.

Looked inside the fuel tank for rust, crud, etc and the tank is extremely clean considering it has been sitting in cold storage for two years.

Checked the fuel shut off valve to see if it would leak when moved, no leaking seen – good news, and made sure it was in the ON position. This fuel valve on these fuels injected models only needs to be closed when working on the fuel system.

There is an original fuel filter installed, will replace with new.

Hooked up a battery to the bike and turned it on. Lights came on and dash lit up, sort of. There was no neutral light or gearshift indication. There was no gearshift indication when put in gear. Replaced the clutch diode as it had gone defective on the PO, but still no change in dash indicators.

Checked the CFI computer for error codes and there were none. Good indication of things to come - I hope.

Turn signals and cornering lights worked as expected, as did the brake light.

Checked the horn and no joy. Will investigate this further. The original horns are not very loud - may replace with FIAMMS Freeway Blasters as I did on my other ’85.

Noticed that the clutch lever did not feel as it should, did not engage until almost at the bar. Bled the system, fluid was very discoloured and thick. Got the clutch fluid flushed and the clutch lever felt ads it should. Had to move the bike with it in gear and it moved, but very reluctantly. Intend to clean and rebuild the clutch slave, but not the MC (rebuilt the clutch MC on my other ’85 and is still not quite right. I did notice that the return hole on this clutch MC is not plugged.

Noticed that the fuel pump did not come on and pressurize the fuel system. Checked the power circuit, and the 30 amp dog bone fuse disintegrated when I took it off. Joined the wires together for test purposes – new 30 amp blade fuse to be installed. Checked the power to the fuse block and then down to the fuel pump. There is power at the fuel pump so I’m inclined to think a new fuel pump is in order.

When I hit the start button, all sorts of things happened. The headlights went off as expected, but there was a huge power draw immediately. Started to investigate. Disconnected the starter from the solenoid and tried again. The starter solenoid was not “clicking” so a new starter solenoid is needed. Noticed that this solenoid did not look the best from pictures the PO supplied when I bought it so I had ordered and had on hand a new solenoid. Installed it and the circuit worked as expected.

Checked the starter with it disconnected from the starting circuit and it still did not turn.

The PO told me and provide the invoices for the install of a new starter. Expected the starter to work, but no joy. Took the starter off and apart, did a quick cleaning and put it back together. When I had it apart, I noticed the armature was in very rough shape. I compared it to photos I had of the starter armature from my other bike, and it was in worse condition. I talked to the PO later and he informed me that it was a new starter in 2015 and he only rode the bike for another four months before it was put out in cold storage. I informed him that I did not believe it was a new starter considering that it was in worst shape than the one on my other bike, and that he was probably scammed. He mentioned that he is mechanically challenged and as such, is at the mercy of the shop.

The PO owner also mentioned that the reason he changed the starter was because he was having starting issues that sounded like the Bendix going on a car. He was told it was the starter clutch (sprague clutch) and that it would be approximately $1000.00 to fix. He decided to live with it, and with the new starter installed he rode it for a while. It was approximately four months after the starter was installed that he rode it one day and the next it would not start. He had bought a 2000 GL1500 as well and since this one was giving him grief, he put it away in cold storage and it stayed there until I bought it.

Will be back to my brother’s in a couple of months and will be doing some more work on the bike. I have a spare starter (another story) that I can install. I’ll order up a new fuel pump and install. Hopefully after this it will turn and even fire.

When I return in a couple of months I will have more time. Will do most of the maintenance items I have identified, start on the brake calipers, install new starter, fuel pump and fuel filter. Hopefully after this it will roll over and fire. Need to know it will run. If successful, may have enough time to do additional work. Have to take out the rear, clean and lube all splines. Will look at the rear wheel bearings.

May order in a new gearshift indicator, and starter clutch springs, pins and rollers. Since the clutch did not work right could look at it. Taking the engine out would allow me ease of timing belt change, and start on the alt mod as well.

Even if the end result is to use bike as a parts bike everything being done will be available to keep the other ’85 going.

My next visit will tell. More to follow.

Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:48 am
by Rusty Bike
Check Summit racing in Akron Ohio for a Honda prelude fuel pump. Info somewhere on the web?? Many of your electrical problems may be solved with a can of contact cleaner. Those old switches get gummed up. I like Deoxit. You may just have blown out indicator lamps also.
Remember the Seafoam trick for the starter clutches. You may have to push start the first time. There is a "how To" thread on that i think. Good luck with the LTD.

I just bought some OEM horns on Ebay. Mine are dead. Wish I would have known about the Blasters.

Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 12:31 pm
by Rednaxs60
The FIAMMS are $20.00 CDN each up here. Tried the SeaFoam on my other '85. Stop gap measure. Lots more to do before I make that decision.

Have to be careful with ordering out of the US. We have the exchange, duty and even taxes to consider as well. Our government knows how to get money out of us.


Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 12:33 pm
by Rednaxs60
Will also be returning with a multimeter to check the dash and gearshift indicator.

Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 5:26 pm
by boonny
"Spent the weekend in northern Ontario, rather barbaric part of Canada at -35° C"

That's not too bad. Wait until the mercury drops to the -40's plus the wind chill, then your talking cold, your private parts tend to fall off one piece at a time. Where in northern Ontario is your brother? If you don't mind me asking.

Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:10 pm
by Rednaxs60
Grew up in the Barrie area and spent a lot of time up north at our cottage near Larder Lake. Family has been living in Larder Lake since the mid '80s. Have seen -60 up there. I've also lived in Cornwall and Ottawa, know what the cold is, but prefer Victoria weather.


Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:33 pm
by boonny
Victoria weather has made you soft :lol:. I'd wish you luck on your new project, but i don't think you need any. Stay warm.

Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 6:47 am
by Rednaxs60
With age comes wisdom, move to a better climate :lol: Need a bit of luck and support from the clutch gods. To do some of the parts have told the siblings a 3L ultrasonic cleaner would be nice.

Older sister has taken this on and has everyone on board. Should have it early in May for work on the new to me - birthday is in September. Followed a thread where the fellow used the exact same unit to get a bike ready - he did the carbs and other items and the result is very good.

A little bit of this Ontario weather makes me appreciate Victoria all the more. Talked to the better half last night - supposed to have a few more days of rain then into a stretch of sunny days - riding time is here!!! Have to put some miles on the new tires - put Michelin Commander II on.


Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:55 pm
by Rednaxs60
During the survey of the new to me bike in Ontario, my brother and I determined a new fuel pump was needed. We did this by checking the power circuit to the fuel pump. One of the questions that came up was how does the fuel system on the '85 Limited Edition and probably the '86 SEi, work. When we checked the bike, there was power to the fuel pump for a few seconds then it was off. Since we did not get the bike started, we couldn't determine what happened when started.

Did a check of my '85 LTD here in Victoria. Found that the fuel pump was cycled as soon as the ignition switch was turned on to pressurize the fuel system then the power was turned off by the CFI system. Power to the fuel pump was turned on as soon as the bike was started.

I knew the fuel pump would come on and pressurize the system, but I was not sure of how the sequence was done by the bike. You can hear the fuel pump come on, pressurize the system, and shut down. You don't hear the fuel pump come on once the bike is started.

This information further corroborates the need for a new fuel pump. On another thread I have, there has been an active dialogue regarding replacement fuel pumps for these FI models. Walbro, Airtex, and other models have been found to have acceptable replacement fuel pumps. I have bought an Airtex E8312 fuel pump that has specs that should make it an acceptable substitute for the OEM fuel pump.

More to follow on this as the process to get this bike roadworthy unfolds.


Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:16 am
by Rednaxs60
Christmas has come early this year. Home for Xmas - Mom is not getting any younger at 85. In northern Ontario with the snow and cold as well.

Back to the point, bought this second '85 LTD because as you know, with these older vintage bikes, always nice to have a second when one is down for maintenance/work. It has been sitting since 2014, outside - covered for the last year that I have had it.

Was here this summer and I took the TPS, and a host of other sensors because I was having issues with my bike in Victoria. Did use the TPS and found the issue was coils.

Fast forward to now and I brought everything back with me including an aftermarket TPS that I modified to fit - I'll get to this. Brother and I rolled the bike into his garage this morning to let it warm up, headed into town for a few items then back to the garage. My brother Stephen changed the rad coolant while I worked on the bike, putting the fuel injectors, Gr/Gl camshaft sensor, the aftermarket TPS, PB sensors, bank angle sensor, new starter, and the fuel pump that came off my other bike.

We drained the old fuel out of the tank, it was a pretty green colour. Had an issue getting the fuel to flow so we blew out the line quite a few times, and recycled the fuel a few times to get a fuel flow. Finally got all the old fuel out, and put in some 6 litres of new.

Hooked up the starter solenoid, and put the jumper cables on from brother's car. Everything came on as expected except the fuel system light was on an never went out. Think this is the fuel system pressure - need to change the fuel filter. Pressed the starter button and it turned over, but the starter stayed engaged. Disconnected the battery cable(s).

A few more tries and we really did not expect the bike to start. After working through the starter issue, we tried again and the bike caught, but I jumped the gun and disconnected the battery cable(s). My brother said my eyes were like saucers, his were as well, and he kept saying "did you hear that".

After we settled down. We tried again and it came to life. Settled in at 1040 RPM and there was a nice blue flame out of the head exhaust ports on both sides - I have the exhaust removed from the bike at this time. We are very impressed and let it run for a bit. Shut it down and started it several times. Starts very quickly.

We are impressed with this development because it started and ran well.

The issue with this bike was a fuel pump and starter. The PO did not have a good shop assisting him.

I now have a dilemma with this bike. Now that I know the bike runs, what to do. I thought it might be a parts bike, but now I'm uncertain.

I will be putting together a tentative work profile and costing. I will not be doing to this one what I have done to the other as this would be the spare bike.

Regardless of the outcome, this has been a good Christmas present so far, even my brother is impressed.

More to think about.


Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:37 am
by Rednaxs60
Mentioned that I had taken the OEM TPS from this bike for my bike in Victoria. I thought I might have a TPS issue so I had ordered 5 aftermarket TPS units off eBay for $28.00 CDN delivered. I used one for my sacrificial test unit. Here is the aftermarket TPS Unit:

I thought that this aftermarket unit could be modified to fit without using lathes and other equipment that I do not have. I looked at the control arm from the original OEM TPS and the aftermarket unit. I would have to extend the aftermarket control arm out approximately 1/4" to 3/8". The OEM TPS showed the distance I had to make up for.

OEM TPS Measurement
OEM TPS Measurement

What I came up with was to drill a small hole in the aftermarket TPS unit control arm:

use a small screw and cover with JB weld epoxy for stability:

This picture also illustrates the distance that had to be compensated for. This is the final version that i installed today, adn it works well - so far. I think that a bit longer screw would be better - for next time:

The picture that shows the drilled screw hole has also had the main body modified to fit into the TPS location, and be secured with the original bracket. The original bracket was cut in half because of the shape of the aftermarket TPS body. I also used a small O-ring to seal the TPS unit.

As an aside, the TPS from a 1985 Honda CRX Si also fits the '85 LTD and '86 SEi. I'm very pleased with this TPS modification, because if it had not worked, would have had to wait until my next trip here to continue with the work on this bike.


Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:52 am
by DenverWinger
Hmm- That's how I bought my 1100 in 2005, wanted the Vetter luggage and trunk for my 1000 and figured to just sell the bike again as parts. Well, the Vetter mounting frames didn't quite fit the 1000 by too much to adapt, So I thought I'd try to fire up the 1100 motor just to see what might happen.

With external fuel source connected to fuel pump, and jumper cables from the car, she actually started. :o Mostly on just two cylinders and occasionally a third, but started.

Judging by the gunk that used to be fuel, and the amount of rust in the tank, I'd say the 1100 had been sitting over 10 years.

Well, that was 12 years ago, she still has a parking spot in my garage and over 100Kmi on the clock...... :) (53K when I got her)

Sounds like you got a great "early" Christmas present! :D

Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 8:43 pm
by Rednaxs60
Have been working on the bike, small issues. Went at the wiring for the regulator. It was burnt and ugly:

. Cut these out and used a ratcheting crimp tool and Pico butt crimp terminals with heat shrink. Cleaned up nicely.

Good news is the work garage is warm and lots of room:

The wood stove works well.

Have tested the stator and had 45 to 55 VAC at around 2000 rpm - increased from 28ish at idle, good to go. The regulator was from a 98 99 Kawasaki ZX6R - checked the P/N on the internet. As it is all I have on hand, connected it last night, new battery and fuel filter today, started up showing 13.9 VDC on the dash voltmeter and 13.8 VDC at the battery - at idle. Good to go.

New spark plugs tomorrow as well as some more clean up.

The fuel system warning light is on, thinking it is fuel pressure related. Will have to wait for this to be resolved later.

The good news is it is probably road worthy for a short trip out west this May/June (5000 Kms). Have new timing belts on hand, but will wait until next trip, same for the brakes. Only other concern is the clutch. Been sitting for 3 1/2 years.

Greta Xmas present already.


Re: New To Me - Second 1985 Limited - New Project

Posted: Sun Dec 24, 2017 10:52 pm
by Rednaxs60
New battery and fuel filter installed. Bike starts very good. Old fuel filter was a bit blocked. New fuel filter was $14.00 CDN taxes in out the door. Have 3 more on order, should be changed every two years or so.

Connected the Kawasaki regulator, but wonder what happened to the original and why the change to this one. Will probably never know. 13.9 VDC on the dash voltmeter, 13.8 at the battery - at idle 1060ish RPM. Looks good so far.

Have a fuel system light on the dash. I'm thinking the fuel pressure is not quite right but I do not have a fuel system pressure tester here with me.

Need a spring for the prop shaft - the one for the FD end. Rear brake rotor is not looking too good, but may work for a while. Splines looked good.

Put more gas in, and sea foam. Runs pretty good. Still have the fuel system light on.

Let it run for a while today. Wanted to see if the rad fan would come on. Hit 6 bars on the temp and then it came on. Another check in the box.

Wasn't getting a neutral indication, but did today. The more it runs, the better it seems to be getting.

Alternator has been putting out 14.2 ish VDC at idle. So far so good.

Have to put the saddlebags and trunk back on, tomorrow before turkey dinner.

Starting a list of what else needs to be done.

Merry Xmas and have a safe and prosperous new year.