voltage rectifier?????

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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voltage rectifier?????

Post by brianaber »

looking to buy a rectifier for a 85 ltd .... voltage changes from 9... to.... 11 to ...14 volts while ridding ..new battery discharged after 2 hour ride!!
any one had experience with a ricks motor sport rectifier?? $ 108 is it worth it
would appreciate if any one can recommenced what rectifier to buy

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Re: voltage rectifier?????

Post by oldishwinger »

I've had ricks rectifier installed and had no issues, I would make sure you get the correct one for the bike though the ltd has a different voltage range than the other 1200's I would humbly suggest doing a stator test too.

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Re: voltage rectifier?????

Post by Rednaxs60 »

I have an '85 LTD that I have refurbished.

The '85 LTD and the '86 SEi have a 500 watt stator versus the 350 watt stator of the carb models. There is probably a difference because of this.

I installed the alt mod and removed the old wiring. I found a few surprises from Honda.

The two green wires are for ground and are joined together once these wires disappear into the wire harness. These can be joined and connected to a ground point.

The two red/white wires do the same once in the wiring harness - two into one. These wires go to the starter solenoid and there is only one red/white wire at the solenoid. Honda also splices the red/white wire into the red wire from the starter solenoid that goes to the ignition switch. This splice is approximately 1/2 way between the regulator/rectifier (RR) and the starter solenoid in the wiring harness. I can only surmise that Honda wanted to have the power from the stator going to the system and would use the battery as a residua power sink. The SEi and LTD require a lot of power because of the fuel injection and computer system(s). I have my bike wired so that the wire from the alternator goes to the starter solenoid and then into the system, no splice with the red wire going to the ignition switch - works well.

The three yellow wires can be connected to the wires out of the stator.

The black wire is a battery sensing wire that provides some regulating of the RR. I would connect it directly to the battery positive to get a better signal to the RR than through the wiring system.

There are a few threads here that have the RR testing that can be done to determine the condition of the RR.

No need to change the RR if only the wiring has been cut.

From the Clymer manual,

To test the voltage regulator/rectifier, disconnect the electrical connector from the harness (A, Figure 8). Make the following measurement using an ohmmeter and referring to Figure 9.


The following tests are set up for a positive ground ohmmeter. If a negative ground ohmmeter is used the test results will be the
1. Connect the negative (-) ohmmeter lead to the green wire and the positive (+) ohmmeter lead to each yellow wire. There should be continuity (low resistance).
2. Reverse the ohmmeter leads and repeat Step 1. This time there should be no continuity (infinite resistance).
3. Connect the positive (+) ohmmeter lead to the red/white wire and the negative (-) ohmmeter lead to each yellow wire. There should be continuity (low resistance).
4. Reverse the ohmmeter leads and repeat Step 3. This time there should be no continuity (infinite resistance).

Voltage Regulator Performance Test

Connect a voltmeter to the battery negative and positive terminals (Figure 3). Leave the battery cables attached.
Start the engine and let it idle; increase engine speed until the voltage going to the battery reaches 14.0-15.0 volts.
At this point, the voltage regulator/rectifier should prevent any further increases in voltage. If this does not happen and voltage increases above specifications, the voltage regulator/rectifier is faulty and must be replaced.

Found an RR on line at http://www.motorcityreman.com/hooe3131vore4.html. $85.00 free shipping over $50.00. P/N 31600-ML8-305. Probably other ones available. The part number is only for the LTD and SEi models.

Here is a thread on the stator yellow wires: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=30797

Here is a site for testing the stator wiring: http://iwing.org/Tech%20info/testingstator.htm

Hope this helps. Cheers
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