Fairing removal

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Fairing removal

Post by RudyPerme »

I am going to be repainting my 1200 this spring. How much of the dash area is to be removed to remove the fairing? Any info will be gratefully appreciated. I would really like to do a precision re paint on my Aspencade 1986!

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Re: Fairing removal

Post by geraldm »

Im just painting my 86 aspy , and IMO you should leave the cowling where it is , there is just too many electronic components inside the cowling to make the fight worth while . remove all the chrome and covers head light and leave it hanging on a couple of pieces of tie wire vent covers left hand cubby , windshield and rear view mirrors , . one thing you will find on all the 2 tone parts the trim color will or may be several coats and the decals and pin striping must be removed , pretty much down to the primer . My bike had 5 coats of paint on the cowling and hard paint it is , ff all the pin striping is not taken off and the glue underneath it , when repainted in the sun you will be able to see exactly where the old pin striping was (( called ghosting )) . very good paint they used on these bikes so prepare to spend many hours sanding , if you dont it will look like hell . , do your best to not sand down to the plastic on any of the parts as it will become fuzzy and need a good sanding after first and second prime coats just to get it nice again . the modern paint and primers used today may have an adverse effect on the 30 year old stuff . probably had lead in it also . Again . IMO leave cowling where it is and just do a good job sanding around the reflectors ,, the reflectors seem to be bolted on from the inside so don't pry them off . tape around them and sand the old paint edge well . Its a ton of work painting these bikes but if your wanting a custom paint job I feel its well worth it if you have the time ,, I just make time . , Buy the way this info was first hand experience and guided by a professional painter that will be doing all spraying , cant remember the name but the bodyshop supply stores have a eraser type thing for a air grinder or drill drill that uses a chuck , it will remove the pin striping without doing any harm to the surface ,, it will save you many hours trying to get the old pin striping off . chris just calls it an eraser and am sure the paint store will know what you mean . good luck with your paint job .


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Re: Fairing removal

Post by julimike54 »

Not sure that I understand the question. Reason is that to remove the upper fairing, are a few bolts that attach it to the frame, it removes as one piece. Now you could take it all apart if you wish.
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Re: Fairing removal

Post by tbeiler »

Hey Rudy, my preference would be to take the fairing off the bike if you are going to paint it. Get yourself a Honda shop manual and a Clymer manual, study the fairing removal section and follow it step by step. I did it for the first time a few winters ago and it is really not that difficult, but does take some time.
The hardest part for me was to remove the conenctors on the LHS attaching fairing harness with bike harness.
Once I got them off, a second set of hands makes it much easier when removing the fairing. One person to hold the fairing and the other to remove bolts.
If you haven't got the manuals, google it. Many sites have them for free. If you still cannot find them send a PM.

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