Question about the storage in the dummy tank

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Question about the storage in the dummy tank

Post by Goofaroo »

I'm thinking about using the tray in the dummy tank for storing and charging our phones and such. I figured I could line it with felt and run a few USB ports to it and it would make a nice lockable compartment for phones, cameras, wallet, etc. My concern is that it might get too hot in there. The bike is a 1200 Aspencade. Can anyone comment on how "civilized" that compartment is?

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Re: Question about the storage in the dummy tank

Post by virgilmobile »

Personal opinion...
Its storage for the tool kit and such.
Lockable.Somewhat..A quick screwdriver would pop it open.
Charger port...inside the left pocket.
Take your camera,phone and wallet with you or a bolted, mounted lock box in the trunk.

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Re: Question about the storage in the dummy tank

Post by oldishwinger »

I carry a camera in the compartment, and things can get a bit warm,but its never hurt the camera in any way. I put a small towel in just to stop the camera bouncing around a bit. as for usb ports, that compartment has to be removed to reach the fuse box and the air filter, so imho its not really convenient to have any electrical connection there. have a look around there a few more convenient places for usb ports.

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Re: Question about the storage in the dummy tank

Post by SilverDave »

In today's world, a 12 volt inverter is available (on sale ) for less than $15. ... ingdocs-20
or ... ingdocs-20

For charging while on ( or near ) the bike, I direct wired and installed a 30 watt inverter ( wired to the acc terminal ) in the left glove box .
I added a short extension cord with a triple plug end , so the camera, cell phone, etc can get boosted, while on the move .
A small towel keeps things from being tossed around .

Wired in, by breaking the plug apart and soldering wires ,
because I want to keep the cigarette lighter port open for other items... like an inflater pump.

For security, the locked right hand box is much better .... but I keep my registration, and some ID locked in there.
However ...
The best security is to take expensive devices into the hotel with you.
And 110 volt plug in chargers are now pretty small, so carrying all of them with you in your luggage is nothing , weight wise, compared to my tools .

And ... best of fun, I found a 150 LED Xmas string , 0.2 amps, but 110 volts , at Cdn Tire for $12, so I can decorate the bike and plug the string directly into the extension cord in the left glove box .

Ride safety


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Re: Question about the storage in the dummy tank

Post by Iaustin »

I ride with my iPhone or iPod in there all the time doesn't bother it .i use them for tunes thru the headsets

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