new acquisition Honda GL1200 aspencade

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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new acquisition Honda GL1200 aspencade

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I bought Goldwing GL1200 aspentcade as it drove noisy as tram what could be another important front is very hard and small bumps may not manage be compressor you determine the hardness? thank you.

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Re: new acquisition Honda GL1200 aspencade

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I realize that you are from Bulgaria but you need to be a bit more clear about how you describe your problems.

You say your bikes drives as noisy as a tram. Are you referring to the sound of the engine?
Suggest to start off with new spark plugs, oil filter and new oil, air filter, rear drive oil change, and new coolant.
If you don't know when the timing belts were last changed, do them right away. This may reduce the noise somewhat.
Run a few tanks of seafoam through your gas tank, also add seafoam to oil and run for 50 to 100 km, and then change your oil.
Brakes? Change the brake fluid and make sure that the brakes are not seized and that pads are releasing when brake is off.
Your onboard compressor controls the amount of air into front and rear shocks and air can be removed for a softer ride.
You can also change the settings on the front forks called TRAC system. It is an anti dive system when braking. Four position adjustment is possible, with the lowest setting giving more dive when braking.

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