Took my wing apart today!!

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Took my wing apart today!!

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Took off carbs to replace choke cable, and decided to plug the secondary air injection system. That was yesterday, today It starts here.

So a friend is making me plugs for the spot under the intake "horns" so that is taken care of. Removed the Secondary air box from the bottom of the airbox and decided to thread the hole and plug it with a bolt and RTV.

Choke cable replaced.

So with the carbs out, I decided to look at the gas and vacuum lines, they will be replaced. Gas filter replaced. Slow Air Valve replaced (when it gets here).

Why does the vacuum to the Electronic ignition go into a tee and one side goes 2 or 3 inches and is plugged?

OK, not a big deal but I decided to take out the starter (turns slow when the bike is up to temp) and clean and rebuild it.
Took off the case guards, took off the shift pedal, took off the exhaust nuts (studs), took off the starter and low and behold I have to remove a stud. Thank God it came out easy!

Now have to use impact tool with hammer to loosen the screws on the starter gear case, then used Roybi impact gun to loosen the back screws.

Hopefully all the figiting with the carbs (including syncing them again) will fix myriad leaks in the vacuum lines (37 year old Honda lines) and the last of the coughing will stop.

What I didn't get done was replacing the fan switch.... really didn't want to remove radiator .. that brings up another thing to do while I'm there... Belts!

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