85-86 Radio/Cassette mounting

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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85-86 Radio/Cassette mounting

Post by rockdj69 »

I have an 86 SEi with a bad cassette player. Haven't had any luck finding anyone that can fix it, so my question is...
Does anyone know for sure if an '85 LTD radio will fit my bike? I've gotten conflicting answers from my local group. A used LTD radio is all I've been able to find.

Thanks much


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Re: 85-86 Radio/Cassette mounting

Post by tbeiler »

Try these guys, they repair radios ,not sure about cassettes, but you can always ask.

Quote from another thread
"A company called Sierra will repair the radio based in Troy OH very good people".

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Re: 85-86 Radio/Cassette mounting

Post by oldishwinger »

I have bit of information that may help, the 85 tld, and 86 sei both have the type three panasonic radio cassette with the exception, the 86 sei radio cassette has dolby noise reduction.

from that point of view I guess the ltd one wont fit the sei however, if dolby was built into the radio, and the pins at the back of the radio where all doing the same job, on the ltd and sei then it might just work.

the risk is there though unfortunately

good luck.

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