Timing Belt procedure

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Timing Belt procedure

Post by Beerlover »

So I'm in the process of doing the Poor Boy upgrade, and while I have everything stripped down I was going to replace the timing belts. Is it really necessary to get everything to TDC, or can I just mark all the pulleys as they currently sit and replace the belts making sure the marks/teeth don't move? Just looking for the easiest way...

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Re: Timing Belt procedure

Post by Rednaxs60 »

When I do mine (15,000 Km ago) I leave the plugs in and bike in gear. Removed the shaft bolt and changed the belts - did the tensioners as well. Engine did not move and I did not look at the timing mark. Good idea to mark the pulleys as a precaution. I would do them both at the same time, tension them and reinstall crankshaft bolt, then you can look at the timing mark if you wish. This is also how I do my cars.

Also did the alt mod, glad I did.

Good luck.
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Re: Timing Belt procedure

Post by ekvh »

Not a good idea unless you clamp the pulleys. If one valve is being pushed closed by a spring, you remove the belt and the pulley takes off to where the spring will take it. The number three cylinder has one that will do that on the T1 mark, so having marks for a reference is a must. It is also easy to inadvertently move the crank also. Most put a mark on the crank pulley and block to see from the front and not have to go around to the timing cover hole.

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