1987 Aspencade Tripmeter

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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1987 Aspencade Tripmeter

Post by MadMark »

I've been having trouble with my trip meter if I let the bike sit for a while
( couple days )it's registers 627.8. It always returns after a couple days. I've disconnected the battery. I've hit the reset to zero which it does. But when I let the bike sit for a couple days it returns to 627.8 I was wondering if there's some way to clear the memory. Thanks

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Re: 1987 Aspencade Tripmeter

Post by flash1942 »

First thing that comes to mind is a poor or intermittent electrical connection. I would get some Deoxit electrical contact cleaner and systematically inspect and clean EVERY plug and pin connector with this solution. Might try to take a look at the electrical condition at the wheel device too.

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Re: 1987 Aspencade Tripmeter

Post by geraldm »

On my 86 digital it has an option to count down from a preset number, say a trip of 500 km, it will count down to tell you how far you still have to go . Some of the buttons are delicate to the touch possibly they are stuck a bit and need a little contact cleaner also .just a thought , The wiring going into the trip meter although unmolested looks sketchy at the best , at least on mine, possibly an issue there also . do let us know what you come up with ..good luck . geraldm

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