Fuel leak 84 Aspencade

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Fuel leak 84 Aspencade

Post by Sparky4017 »

Morning Guys need some input on my 84 Aspencade I have a fuel leak on the left side replaced all the fuel line. Doesn't seem to be leaking when it's running only when shut off I thought it was a bowl leaking but I'm not sure. After a ride Tuesday I clamped the line off for the left side carbs. I watched it for a hour no leak Wednesday morning there was gas on the rag I can't tell if it's coming from the front or back carb or the hard pipe between the two. It's like it knows I watching it never leaks till it sets overnight any thoughts. 8-)

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Re: Fuel leak 84 Aspencade

Post by leakyroof58 »

Unfortunately, you will probably wind up doing what I just got done doing. It's a PIA, but if you don't want gas dripping on hot exhaust it's most likely the best way to go. I have an '87 Aspy, so I know you will be removing lots of 'plastic'.

Last fall my bike ran perfect - crisp throttle response, no missing, etc. I put it away "right", with Sta-bil, Sea-foam, etc. Left carbs full, but shut off petcock. This spring - turned on petcock, started it and.......leaks. Not big leaks, but still....

So, ordered 4 carb kits, assuming bowl gaskets were toast. Kits also came with O-rings for other things, like drain screws, idle screws, etc. Kit contained other O-rings for fuel tubes and air tubes, but putting these in meant splitting the carbs, which I didn't want to do. I replaced O-rings for the drain, and the idle mixture screw, the filter in the gas input and its washer. Put all these in and yet my carb rack still leaked on the bench - CRAP! Up to this point, I was reluctant to separate the carbs, since I didn't want to screw up the sync between them. Alas, one day of sitting on bench with gas in the system showed I had a leak yet - HAD to be the fuel tube between carbs. So, I wound up replacing every O-ring supplied with the kits. The carb rack is such a PIA to get out (Honda could have made just 1/4" more room in the frame!)

Still under test as I write this - I want to see 5 days of "no leaks/no seep" before I will put the rack back in.

Anyway, this is what you might be facing - good luck.


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