Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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hello I have an 86 interstate one of the
mufflers has a small hole how hard is a used set to find I think I have read people put harley mufflers on what does it do to the performance/sound
do you need to change the jetting

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Re: Mufflers

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I would put some JB Weld in it for now.....

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Re: Mufflers

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Go to Ebay
Enter this into the Search window: 1986 gl1200 muffler
You will find mufflers.
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Re: Mufflers

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Harley mufflers tend to be louder! Be aware that increased noise has nothing to do with increased performance and in fact can sound loud and not help performance at all. Many factors are involved in the design of muffler systems and you really have to know what you are dealing with it to make more than a 5% difference in horsepower or torque. Most of us could never tell the difference.

That is why anytime you are trying to do performance mods you need to dyno the stock bike and then systematically add and combine muffler, fuel changes, air intake, and so forth.

Don't be fooled by loud noise!
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Re: Mufflers

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if the small hole is on the bottom of the muffler, that is normal, its weep hole for condensation and both mufflers will have them

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