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Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Starting issue

Post by Thomasburdick »

Ok, I've never heard of or read on here a problem like this. Went to crank my 85 Aspy and it only turned over good with some backfiring but no start. Start troubleshooting and pulled plug wire off, put a screwdriver in the boot and Turned it over to check fire. As soon as it started to arc the bike started up. Cranked fine for 2 days then did that again. Pulled the plug wire again, did the fire test, again the bike started. Put in new plugs but it has done this 4 more times and each time the same screwdriver in the plug wire trick. Don't have a clue what could be causing this, has done it cold and hot. Ant ideas anyone?

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Re: Starting issue

Post by ekvh »

Your connection between the copper in the plug wire and the spark plug cap may be corroded. I suggest unscrewing the cap from the wire. If it's green and corroded, you probably your answer. Easy fix since the corrosion is usually not very far into the wire, cut half an inch off each wire and rethread.

If the caps look bad, especially the screw for the wire, they are available for around $5 all over. Check that you get the same resistor, some are 5k, some are 10k.

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