Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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HEY GUYS I NEED SOME HELP ,,I have a 86 interstate that a year ago ran great then it would not fire ,,it would be running down the road and start back firing are just stop ,,I hAVE REPLACED EVERY THING I KNOW OFF IN THE FIRING SYSTEM,,coils,rectifier,stater ,starter,,pulse generators, ignition switch ,,stop switch,,,WHAT CAN CAUSE THIS PROBLEM ,, ??

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Re: 1986 GL1200 INTERSTATE

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Hello all, I'm Ken's friend with the troublesome bike. The bike will run great, then just shut down, the engine dies, all the lights stay on. At first, it would restart after sitting for a period. Now, it won't try to start at all. Today, it started backfiring when I turn the key on, backsucking through the carbs and the starter engaging briefly when I turn it off.

I've been working on these things with Ken for enough years now to say we're fairly competent. That being said, here's the long story of what's been done. After each of the following were done, the bike would run, then the Gremlin would return, so I know each thing I did, while fixing nothing, at least did no damage.

Replaced Ignition Switch
Replaced Kill/Start Switch
Replaced ICU
Coils meet book standards
New Stator
New Starter
New High Performance Battery
Replaced Pulse Generators with OEM NOS

There are two connectors mounted to the right inside wall of the fairing one red, one black. The black one was vibrating loose, and oftentimes plugging this in would cause the bike to start. So, I cut the connectors and soldered all 6 wires. The bike ran great, for a few days, then the Gremlin returned.

Next, Ken and I did a funky soldered bypass of the 7 wire connector from the harness to the ICM, bike ran, Gremlin returned.

Thinking perhaps it was a low voltage issue, I installed a new 320 cca battery and replaced a weak and aging stator. Bike started, ran long enough for the coolant to pass warm in the neck of the radiator, bike dies, Gremlin returns.

Next came the OEM Pulse Generators, bike backfiring just as it was with previous PG's
Next replaced the ICU, no difference.

Folks, I'm at a total loss as where to look next. I ruled out a ground issue by chasing the green from the harness to the frame, then metered for contig to ground, all is as it should be.

I have a set a coils, but see no point in pulling the originals, they test to meet Mother Honda's expectations, the wires are secure, no loose connections. Bike runs fine on these coils, when they get signal telling them to go to work.

I look forward to hearing from one of you Wing Einsteins, tell us what we're missing
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Re: 1986 GL1200 INTERSTATE

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Have you checked the main fuse? Also check your ground wires for good contact.

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Re: 1986 GL1200 INTERSTATE

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tbeiler wrote:Have you checked the main fuse? Also check your ground wires for good contact.
check for burnt wiring around the top of the starter solenoid, and around the main fuse. if the fuse is the dog bone, remove it to check because visually checking it can look fine.

check for continuity in the wiring between the starter solenoid and the rectifier, (red/white?)

have you done a check of the rectifier?

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Re: 1986 GL1200 INTERSTATE

Post by Ohara »

Check that the new pulse generators are actually good... When the bike dies un plug them and check the resistance if they show no resistance when hot replace them

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