1986 Goldwing GL1200 Aspencade

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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ron shaffer
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Motorcycle: 1986 GL1200 Aspencade

1986 Goldwing GL1200 Aspencade

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Hey guys..having trouble w/ my '86 Goldwing w/ 51,000 miles on it. I bought it 2 summers ago & had been running like a charm till this last couple weeks. I can run 10 miles on it then she just quits. No warning..no bogging..just shuts off. Seems like when it gets hot she shuts off. Leave it sit to cool down & starts right back up again but gets hot & shuts down.
Had a ticking noise in electronic fuel pump..so replaced that, fuel filter, changed oil & refilled & changed oil filter. Thot that might be the problem but still shutting down.
Anyone have any suggestions that I could look into. Thanks!!

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Re: 1986 Goldwing GL1200 Aspencade

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I had the same issue with my 86 Interstate, turned out to be the pulse generators. Use the search feature to find out how to test yours. It's a fairly easy fix 8-)
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Re: 1986 Goldwing GL1200 Aspencade

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I am in process pf rebuilding an 85 aspencade. it has had isseus starting and when it would it would suddenly stop and struggle.

Lots of testing and the cleaning of EVERY connector with contact cleaner and dielectric grease. Finally tested the pulse generators. One tested fine and one tested open. likely a broken wire. search the forum and you will find the wire colours. the connector on mine is under the false tank on the left hand side. White connector with 4 wires only.

the PG are under the timing belt covers. if you go in there to replace it, you might as well do the belts as well.

my 2 cents.....


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Re: 1986 Goldwing GL1200 Aspencade

Post by julimike54 »

You should also check the 'Kill' switch function. Mine did similar and wound up the contacts on the switch needed cleaning.

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