Low Oil Pressure

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Low Oil Pressure

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Hello all, I just got my first Goldwing, its a 84 GL1200 Aspencade. I know nothing about the maintenance history of this bike. Got it off craigslist for really cheap because a guy was needing money and the low oil pressure light is on. But Ill try and keep this short.
I started with the simplest things first. Changed oil/filter, that wasn't it. Pulled pressure switch of top to see or feel if any oil was trying to squirt out thinking it was a bad switch, nothing coming out. Took lower engine cover off to see if the water/oil pump drive shaft was free spinning (thinking that maybe it was broke or the chain on the back was), it is tight and cant turn it. Pulled a part the oil pump, everything looks good and is free moving, without any blockage. So I bumped the starter button to see if it would move and it didn't. I'm wandering if maybe the scavenging pump is locked up and broke the chain. But i really don't know. What is driving the chain, could that be what is wrong? and its not even a pump issue. Any help would be much appreciated.

P.S. if the bike is in gear pulling in the clutch lever doesn't disengage clutch. Don't know if that could be anyway related

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