new stator problems

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Michael Brill
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new stator problems

Post by Michael Brill »

I have a GLI 1200 and recently installed a new stator, here is my problem. 2 of the 3 legs from the stator run at proper voltage, the 3rd leg runs low. I get just around 12 volts, which will run the bike, but not charge the battery. I can use the bike for short runs as long as I put a battery tender on everyday. Any ideas. Honda says, check the grounds, which I've done. Does anyone think a smaller ground (somewhere) can cause this, or did I get a faulty stator.

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Re: new stator problems

Post by jwebfournow »

Have you followed the service manuals steps to check the stator? If so sounds like you have a bad one, I use a stator rebuilder by the name of Tim Parrot, if you don't want to pull the engine again, I would convert to a Poorboy Design, some work involved, but so much easier to deal with if needed in the future, I have done one, and if I pick up anymore future 84-87 wings that have bad stators I would convert them also, I have only done it on an 86 so far but just picked up an 84 that was just converted to a Poorboy, works great.

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Re: new stator problems

Post by Ohara »

I picked up an 86 with a bad stator as well, I am doing the poor boy. If you decide to go this route you will get lots of help from this forum. :)

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