86 GL1200i Rear Wheel Click Noise

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86 GL1200i Rear Wheel Click Noise

Post by grithaler »

Hadn't been on my 86 GL1200i for about 5 weeks when I took her out for what was to be an afternoon ride. Just after leaving my driveway, I heard a light 'click' or 'tap' noise coming from my rear wheel. Not really a loud noise, and more easily heard at lower speed, but still there at higher mph. Seemed to by one click every wheel rotation.
Stopped at a local gas station and put the bike on the center stand. Rotated the wheel by hand and could hear the click once per rotation. Put one hand on the brake caliper and rotated the wheel. Didn't 'feel' like the noise was coming from the brake. Put one hand on the final drive housing and rotated the wheel. I could 'feel' a light bump at the same time as I heard the click. Took the bike home and removed the rear wheel. I had the rear bearings changed about a year ago. They seemed to still be in top shape. Tight in the wheel housing, and both spun effortlessly like glass. Put my finger through the bearings and onto the inner bearing spacer and rotates the wheel. Felt a little bump once in a rotation. Thought it odd as I wasn't sure, but didn't think there was anything inside the wheel hub that the bearing spacer contacted except either inside face of each bearing, so wasn't sure what was going on. Took my rear wheel to my local bike shop (not a Honda shop, unfortunately) and had them take out the bearings and check it out. They said that the bearing space looked to be home made, and seemed to be a bit too short. They thought that might be what was causing the clicking noise by the spacer knocking back and forth against the two bearings. They said I should replace it with a new OEM spacer but, of course, Honda doesn't make them any more, but he found one on-line at a New Jersey bike store. I'm a bit confused since, as far as I know, that same spacer has been in that wheel for years, and this is the first time I've heard this noise. Why now? I also thought that this spacer really serves no other purpose but to keep the two bearings from moving inward in the wheel hub, unless I'm mistaken?? If correct, is there really any concern if it makes a small clicking noise? Can I leave it without fear of any further damage to my wheel? Or, if anyone knows what the specs are on this spacer (ie: inside and outside diameter, and full length), I might be able to make one as I work for a metal fabrication shop.

Just as a side note, when I removed my rear wheel, the first thing I did was check the bearings and, when I found the noise with the bearing spacer, I stopped looking elsewhere. I haven't checked out my final drive other that a by turning it by hand a few rotations. But, being a geared device, I can't get it to turn fast enough by hand to hear any noise. Should I strap it back on the drive shaft and turn the drive with the motor? Anyone had a similar noise possibly coming from their final drive? Looking for clues here.

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Re: 86 GL1200i Rear Wheel Click Noise

Post by Rednaxs60 »

Haven't heard the noise you are referring to, but have read about it. Here is some reading for you regarding the 1200 rear wheel bearing issue(s).

https://ngwclub.com/forum/viewtopic.php ... 05#p385005
https://ngwclub.com/forum/viewtopic.php ... e&start=15
https://ngwclub.com/forum/viewtopic.php ... 27#p296127

A bit of reading, but directly related to your bike. Hope this is informative. Cheers
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Re: 86 GL1200i Rear Wheel Click Noise

Post by ekvh »

Peel back the rubber boot on the front of the swingarm and check the ujoint. It could transmit the clicks you're hearing. Look for metallic shavings in the boot- means it's quite bad, but also use some leverage to see if the joint clicks or shows any movement.

It could also be the splines on either end of the shaft.

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