New to site and new to me 1985 Honda Interstate

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New to site and new to me 1985 Honda Interstate

Post by Kevin54 »

Please excuse me if I am out of line by asking, as I have read, read, and read some more but couldn't find anything to help me along. I recently bought a 12,000 mile '85 Interstate. The owner passed away and the bike has been sitting for a few years. I know very little about motorcycles except from what I have read on here. When I first bought the bike ($850 btw) I was told that the womans brother tried to get it running to no avail.

I drained the fuel, put new fuel in it, did not notice any running out of the petcock, so I blew some air thru the line into the tank. Then I pressurized the tank a little and the bike fired right off. It only did so by my forcing fuel through the lines to the carbs. After reading, some more, I removed the fuel pump and checked it with 12 volts directly to the pump and the pump runs fine. I then ordered a new fuel cutoff relay thinking that may have been bad. I just got it back in, and tried things, but I'm not getting any fuel pump action. I can move the kill switch between off an run a few times, and hear the fuel pump click once, but it is still not pulling fuel into it, nor is it operating while turning the engine over. It's my understanding that the fuel pump is a pulse type that runs off of something, and the relay cutoff is if the bike is wrecked and is a safety cutoff.

Is there something else I need to be checking that may be obvious that I am missing?

Thank you in advance for any help that you can give me, and I'm sure I'll have many more questions before I get this back together.

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Re: New to site and new to me 1985 Honda Interstate

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Did you change the fuel filter?

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Re: New to site and new to me 1985 Honda Interstate

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"It has been sitting a few yrs". That is what you said? What makes you think car or motorcycle after sitting for even a few months you can just jump in and drive away? I would take the carbs off and clean them up, rebuild them If your going to keep it. Replace the gas lines. And stop blowing air into the gas tank before it blows up in your face.This is after 5 yrs sitting :shock:

Is this a flip or are you going to keep the bike?

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