Welding on my Gl frame

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Welding on my Gl frame

Post by Shlink0 »

:?: I need to repair a wrld on the frame of my GL. Other than the obvious things to watch for, do I need to un hook, or take off any electronics on the bike?
Thanks in advance!!!

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Re: Welding on my Gl frame

Post by injunjoe535 »

I haven't welded a frame.....yet, but I do have that task coming up soon on another bike. I plan on removing the battery and placing my ground clamp as close to the welding site as possible. At the very least remove the ground cable from the battery. If you have some before and after pics be sure to post them.
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Re: Welding on my Gl frame

Post by ekvh »

A separate ground is a good safety item. If you end up on a damp floor and become a better path for the flow of electrons, you'll become the ground and won't be around. With rubber tires and either the kick or side stand on the ground doesn't ensure it's a good path. On a block of wood makes it even worse. My garage had some cracks in the concrete which I drove ahunk of rebar into and vise-gripped a spare ground electrode to. I have a new garage and just moving in. I think I will run a separate ground wire for this purpose.

The suggestion of keeping the ground nearest the work is also good. If the path the electrons decide to follow goes through the frame to the motor and then across to gears, it can leave an arc mark on the gear teeth.

Never heard of it on a bike, but the guys I worked with a few summers in a gravel pit found this out. They were welding up hydraulic cylinders and then ended up tearing it down. In the process they found an arc strike across two mating gears.
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