highbeam bulbubs

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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highbeam bulbubs

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I like to see at night and as I get older and wiser my night cruising speeds have gone fron 80mph to about 60kmh.. dont know what happened but I think a lot more about the deer and moose and raccoons now and even if your in a deer crossing area you always meet a steady line of cars blindind your hope of ever getting a glimpse ofseeing with the highbeams on low that bad boythats sure your blinde to come and commit suicde on your front tire. My 1200 is new to me and there is no such thing as being able to see enough at night. what im really asking from you experienced 1200 riders is if there is a special bulb for the headlight that stands above others that will fit my bike without to much wiring changes, I just finished a major reto and have hand not a chance to put it on the road yet but thers just something inside me that says theres never enough light. I was hoping some of you guys that been running these old honeys cound let me knoe if theres a better bulb around I could try. love my 1200 ill show you guys a pic soon

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Re: highbeam bulbubs

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I'm going to be picking up another 1200 wing soon ( gave the last one to my niece ) and I'm thinking about putting an led light bulb in it along with some driving lights
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Re: highbeam bulbubs

Post by oldishwinger »

driving lights give great extra light both day and night, leds in particular. although some can cause problems with audio. if you install holagen driving lights, 35watt aside is about right for our 1200s.

as for the H4 headlight bulb, a whiter light is great at night, but I found then tend to wash out in bright sunlight.

there are now LED H4 headlight bulbs that fit with no changes in furniture required. I believe cyclemax for one has them.

good luck.

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