Final drive issue? please read entire post

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Final drive issue? please read entire post

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I was riding on the interstate when i heard a clicking noise in the rear area of the bike. stoped and checked it, when i took off did fine through first and when i shifted into second the was the worst noise i ever heard coming from a bike and real bad vibrations. the noise sounded like splines not engageing. it does this no matter what gear its in. got the bike home and with it on the center stand in gear i could turn the rear tire by hand but the drive shaft would not turn. took the final drive, drive shaft, u joint and swing arm off the bike. the only thing i can find is maybe the splines in the collar that the drive shaft goes into on the final drive are worn. now for the confusing part.......i put everthing back in the bike without the swing arm so i could watch the entire drive assembly. now the tire wont turn like it did before i cant get anything to slip, and there is very little play in the drive assembly. (i even used a pry bar to put presure on the rear wheel with no slipping.) i dont want to go and buy parts to throw at it and not have it fixed. any help would be wonderful. thanks in advance

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Re: Final drive issue? please read entire post

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Just a quick thought: the 1200's use a spring on the forward part of the shaft which pushes and keeps the shaft engaged in the final drive and ujoint. I'm wondering if that spring has failed or its retainer.

Maybe check parts fiche to see what I'm talking about. Unfortunately I don't think it can be visually inspected without removal of the shaft.

You may have it back in place now, but if the spring has failed, it is likely to happen again.
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Re: Final drive issue? please read entire post

Post by Rednaxs60 »

Read your post several times. I have an '85 LTD and the rear is the same. Have had everything apart several times including the FD for bearing replacement.

You can check the splines for wear, lots of threads on this posted in this forum. When you fit the various parts together, you will be able to feel if there is a lot of wear between the mating splines just by hand. You can do a visual inspection and determine if any of the splines are worn or damaged.

When you have the FD separate, look at the prop shaft end of the FD. I had to replace the pinion joint bearing because of excessive play - could move the pinion joint by hand.

The splines on the prop shaft are easy to inspect. There are two springs for the prop shaft. One fitted on the end that goes into the u-joint and one that fits on the end that goes into the final drive. The one that is at the FD end must be there.

You should be able to put the wheel and the FD together off the bike and turn the wheel. This will prove that the FD is working and nothing has failed inside it.

You can also start the bike with the u-joint and rear off the bike and determine if the engine output shaft is turning.

Do you have the OEM service manual. PM sent.

Good luck.
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