California carb swap

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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California carb swap

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Boy am I in trouble! I just swapped out my stock California carbs for a nice new set of 49 state carbs on an otherwise bone stock 1984 gl1200 interstate. I was hoping to eliminate the California smog equipment - gas cap, pcv valve and tubing etc. Now I have major performance issues - the bike will start and idle and rev at rest normally, but it has no top end cruise power and sounds like it's out of timing at cruise speeds. The air/vacuum circuits exactly match the factory manual diagrams/routing for California and the new 49 state routing, and all hoses/orings are good.

After all the smog removal and 49 routing, I've ended up with a vacant stock engine port ( left side top of engine case large 1/2inch diameter) that used to run to PCV and is now open to air.

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Re: California carb swap

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Now is this the 1500 or a GL1200? Well the bike doesnt care what carbs you are using. So you have to make sure you dont have any vacuum leaks. You have 4 carbs, so have you adjusted them all with vacuum gauges. Plug off any hoses/ piping that are just open to the air. Make sure that the gas level is correct in each carb. Did you rebuild these carbs or just buy them off ebay after setting in someones garage for the last 5 yrs? If you dont know there exact history I would take that apart and clean them ....inside.
Make sure that they have the correct jetting.

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