carb needle and spring

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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carb needle and spring

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I am rebuilding a 1984. I am building my aspencade carburetor(California version and want to modify it to be a 49 State carb. It is my understanding that there was an upgrade on the needle and spring assembly due to problems with performance at 2000-3000 RPM. First, is there anything I need to do on the carb other than plug the vacuum ports associated with the California emissions and second, how do I know if my carbs have the upgraded needle and spring assembly?

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Re: carb needle and spring

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What is a California Wing doing in NJ anyway? Your sure its a Calif.? Most of the up grades, I say most, of the up grades were done yrs. ago. And what spring are you referring too. I dont remember any on my GL.carbs.

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Re: carb needle and spring

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The Honda factory has determined that low-speed
driveability (hesitation under light acceleration at
approximately 2,000-3,000 rpm) can be improved on the
following models:
a. 1984 GL1200 Interstate and Aspencade (49-state
models): engine serial numbers 2400107-2423769
(Honda Service Bulletin GL1200 No. 10 June 1985).
b. 1985 GL1200 Interstate and Aspencade (Calif,
models): all models as applicable (Honda Service
Bulletin GL1200 No. 10 June 1985).
c. 1985 GL1200 Interstate and Aspencade (49-state
models): engine serial numbers 2500001-2509296
(Honda Service Bulletin No. 9 June 1985).
If your Gold Wing falls into this area, take your bike to
a Honda dealer and have this modification performed. (HONDA DOSE NOT DO THIS REPAIR FOR FREE ANYMORE)
This procedure requires that the carburetor assembly be
removed, partially disassembled and new parts (slow jets,
jet needles and diaphragm springs on some models) be
installed. The carburetors must then be synchronized and
an idle drop mixture procedure performed.

We change the slow jets #35 to #40 (or you can drill out the #35 using a #77 drill bit) and use either a #105 or #108 to fix the slow speed hesitation. Honda's service bulletin also changed the needles and slide springs ( we don't ) and they run great. Just make sure you get all the little passage ways cleaned.

If you do want to change the needles and slide springs you will need the ones that are in an 1986 or 1987 model.
If they've been changed by Honda there should be a letter "i" stamped on the carb. :mrgreen:
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