gl1200 smoking

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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sonny benfield
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gl1200 smoking

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couple of days ago I was riding my 86 wing. had only gotten about a mile when It started smoking [really heavy] [white/blue] I had to slip the clutch and rev it up to keep running. only made it about a quarter mile before it shut down completely. I coasted to the side and called for a tow. naturally, every problem I have ever had is not found in any trouble shooting manual. I did find that the crankcase breather sometimes get full. so I pulled it off and it was full of gas up into the tube. its running now but I am afraid to run it too far until its checked out completely. does any body have any ideas that an amateur cycle mechanic can check out? thanks sonny

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Re: gl1200 smoking

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If the overflow was full of gas, I'd check the oil in the crankcase for gas also. Kind of wondering if the carbs are flooding and dumping excess fuel. If the oil level is higher than normal and smells like gas, it could be a carb(s) overhaul is in order. Would also look for coolant in the oil, again higher than normal level and a milky appearance to the oil. This would indicate that places where oil and coolant are close to each other is leaking, waterpump and head gasket are examples. Good luck and keep us informed.
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