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Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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jimmy's winging now
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New member Introduction

Post by jimmy's winging now »

Hello all,
Name is Jimmy and I just bought my 1rst Wing. A 1982 Minty GL 1100 Aspencade with the
4 to 1 Carb. conversion kit and she runs well with 79,000 on her and she's Clean!!! I'm loving
it. I had a 30 year layoff from riding when I was first married and now Retired from Ironworking
I'm ready to ride again. I rode as a kid till I was 30.(used to race Gs1100e Suz) Reason I gave up riding was wife's brother
was taken out by a Drunk driver while a passenger on the back of a motorcycle right before I
was married and wife wanted me to give it up as it was time to raise a family and my son is
named after her deceased brother. So now kids are grown, I'm retired and now Riding again.
I picked up another Wing that was free but is a Restoration project. It's a 1986 Gl 1200A SE-i.
I have been tearing her down so I can go over this whole machine and build her back up.
I have my hands full with this project, am mechanically inclined but this machine looks like
it can be a bit overwhelming but I'm going to give it my best. Bike is complete but sat in a
deceased guys garage for 7 years with fuel left in her. Don't know where to start to see if
my efforts will be worth it as I need to know if engine has spark or even turns over. Front
forks I'm rebuilding now. Have bike with just motor on frame with rear wheel attached and
all wire harnesses unplugged as I am doing this Ground up. Any tips with testing for a good
motor before I dive into this project? This site is Awesome. Hope I can complete this
Resto. Project but know I have my hands full let alone finding parts for a 32 year old Wing...
I think the 1986 Gl 1200 Aspencade SE-I was 1 BEAUTIFUL machine and hope
I can get her on the road again. She only has 73,000 miles on her and needs a good
Detail cleaning. Thanks for reading my post and jimmys wingin now!!!

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Post by virgilmobile »

In a restore project,finding out if the engine is ok should be first thing.
Test first.
My process...Remove all spark plugs..remove timing belt cover..Hand turn only the engine 2 full revs.
Do not attempt to start the engine yet.
Use a compression gauge and check each cylinder using the starter.Spark can be checked at this time also.You need at least 90 psi to fire a cylinder.
If all is ok..Replace the timing belts...then attempt to start.I don't trust old belts.
Removal of all old gas will be necessary and most likely the carbs will need to be properly cleaned.

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Re: New member Introduction

Post by Rednaxs60 »

Welcome. Good restoration project the '86 SE-i. Have two '85 LTD fuel injected bikes. One is my daily ride and just getting the second on the road after a 3 1/2 year lay up - prefer fuel injected bikes over carb models, personal preference. Recommend starting another thread regarding this project bike so that we can follow and assist as needed.

You need the service manuals for these FI bikes or you can be chasing your tail so to speak quite quickly. Have them in PDF format, large files that I use wetransfer to send. If you would like I can send but need an email. PM me.

Fuel injected bikes are more forgiving after a long lay up then the carb models. Lots of parts available and mods to keep these FI bikes going. Honda was good at not reinventing the wheel, your best friend can be an auto wrecker.

Good luck.

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jimmy's winging now
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Project bike (1986 Gl 1200 Aspencade SE-I )fuel injected

Re: New member Introduction

Post by jimmy's winging now »

Thanks for the Welcome you guys,
Also appreciate the tips and needed info. I bought the gl 1200 Honda shop manual
along with the 1986 Honda Se-I shop manual and the 1986 SE-I electrical schematics.
Am pretty excited about this project but I know it will take some time and $$$.
Will be testing motor next thing but won't be able to test for spark as wiring harnesses
have almost all been disconnected as I have been tearing her down to begin the
Resto. process and a total detail job. Will inspect timing belts after that and down
the road if all is well I will surely replace. For now there is much to do and I can't
even imagine the time and $$$ it will take but if I make it through all this,
It'll be one Beautiful CLASSIC as I think only roughly 5,000 made. Wish me LUCK...
Jimmy's winging now

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Re: New member Introduction

Post by julimike54 »

jimmy's winging now wrote:
Mon Jan 22, 2018 6:46 pm
Will inspect timing belts after that and down
the road if all is well I will surely replace.
Unless you know exactly when the belts were changed, you're taking a risk by not changing. A very trusted mechanic told me that the rule of thumb for him is 70,000 miles or 7 years for changing. He's had several vehicles in where the belt has broken, after the above parameters. Most of the belts don't "look" bad, no cracks or other signs of wear. Instead the only sign of the failure is the teeth are gone from the belt, ripped off. On the wing motors, if that happens at speed (idling or above) the pistons and the valves will meet each other with varying results, none good.

Take the advise for what it's worth, just my opinion and observations!

Riding anything is a good day!

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