Adding driving lights to a 1984 GL1200 Aspencade

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Adding driving lights to a 1984 GL1200 Aspencade

Post by RThill4355 »

I had a 1986 GL1200 Aspencade, now have an '84 ASPY. I would like to add driving/fog lights to the engine guard. 2 questions--which is recommended, and is a relay needed if it is switched independently. I am having a poor boy alternator installed to eliminate stator problems. Just want more night vision light over stock headlight. Thanks in advance,

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Re: Adding driving lights to a 1984 GL1200 Aspencade

Post by brianinpa »

Find some cree led lights, I found them on evilbay for about $18, and I think they are 18 watts. Wire them with a relay to make things easier on the switch and the trigger circuit.

I actually have two sets... wide angle for low beam to make the shoulders shine and some a little higher to light the night when I am on the road by myself. love them.

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Re: Adding driving lights to a 1984 GL1200 Aspencade

Post by oldishwinger »

I added bullet lights (MR16) to my aspy ran 35watt aside hologens through a relay and switch, worked well.

Having found an led bulb that doesnt interfere with radio etc, I now run 50watt equivalent led with a draw of about 7watt aside.

big difference in lighting and the system handles it well.

while the leds draw a small amount of power, its probably still prudent to install a relay and switch just for a bit more control
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Re: Adding driving lights to a 1984 GL1200 Aspencade

Post by SilverDave »

On an Aspencade, right in front of the shark gills, there is a half fake air vent . The top three little panes of this vent are closed, and the bottom two are open. There is a big phillips bolt thru the middle small panel, used to hold that section of front lower fairing to the bike.

I made a L shaped bracket, about 2.5" long by 1 " high , and used that bolt to fasten the bracket to the bike . ( Aluminum, about 1/8 thick , painted matte black . ... and it was about 85° on the L bend , not 90° so platform was level and the LED light could aim properly )

I mounted my small 10 watt LED driving lights to those brackets, leading the power wires thru the lower open small panel hole to my handlebar switch .

Lights are up nice and high, very bright, and since you cannot see the bracket, almost look like they are " Floating ". Cool !

The only negative is that to remove that panel ( Rad repair ? ) you have first loosen and remove the LED stem bolt , to get a Phillips screwdriver on the fairing bolt . But it looks cool !

The camera apparently sees that lens as blue . I don;t know why . They look clear to me. Its a puzzle ?

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Re: Adding driving lights to a 1984 GL1200 Aspencade

Post by julimike54 »

Nice idea, are the lights 'on' in your picture? Maybe that's why the blue?

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