Auto leveling Suspension . I'm Lost

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Auto leveling Suspension . I'm Lost

Post by Magicmike »

I recently got a 1985 GL1200L ltd that did not run. I got running and I can't Auto leveling system to work. I have looked thru everything I have been able to find on this site, and have the Hanes manual the Honda supplement for the GL1200 L. No mater what I do I can get the system to work. If I turn ignition switch to "P"and press the button near the display the pump runs and if I jump #1 and #2 in the relay socket the pump runs, but I can't get it to run any other time. The display shows EEE on top and bottom. I have cleaned the connectors and made sure they were tight, and have tried to follow the procedures if the Supplement. the relay tests ok. and the shocks and forks seem to hold air ok. If anyone has any insight for me I would be very appreciative.
Page 12-7 says to "Check solenoid valve,RHC unit, and air pump relay coupler terminals for poor contact." What and where is the "RHC" ? Does the Solenoid valve operate on 12volts.

Thanks for the Help.

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Re: Auto leveling Suspension . I'm Lost

Post by Rednaxs60 »

Haven't had issues with mine. I would take the air solenoid assembly out as well as the compressor/air dryer assembly.

You will find that the desiccant in the air dryer probably needs to be baked to get all the moisture out of the desiccant. Put the dried desiccant back into the dryer, reassemble - replace the o-rings while you are doing this. You can test the compressor by hooking it up to a 12 VDC battery. This is as per the OEM manual.

The OEM manual also details how to test the solenoid valves and then the system. You may have to take the switches apart.

The instructions in the OEM service manual are easy to follow.

Everything operates on 12 VDC or reduced from 12 VDC.

Do you have the OEM service manuals? If not PM me and I will send using wetransfer - used to send large files. Need your email address.

Good luck.
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Re: Auto leveling Suspension . I'm Lost

Post by garfield-cat »

I too am having the EEE problem and followed all the trouble shooting tips.
My issue is that I was hoping someone can confirm that the testing procedure for the pressure sensor is correct.

It seems strange, but my pressure sensors seems to have the right resistance across the 3 wires, but when pressure is applied, the resistance across the terminals seems backwards

Measure the resistance between the sensor coupler Black/Brown and Green terminals.
SPECifiED RESISTANCE: 0.7-1.3 kQ - measure correctly at 1.1 K

Measure the resistances between the Black/Brown and Light Blue terminals, and Light Blue and Green terminals, of the sensor, by applying pressures from 0 to 4 kg/cm2 (0-57 psi) gradually.
The resistance between the Black/Brown and Light Blue terminals should increase proportionally as the pressure is increased. - Mine decreases
The resistance between the Light Blue and Green terminals should decrease proportionally as the pressure is increased. - Mine Increases
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Re: Auto leveling Suspension . I'm Lost

Post by gervais »

if i may ask,
how do you reach that decadant stuff??

is there any procedures somewhere,i would like to check mine too ?

thanks very much


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