I added USB

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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I added USB

Post by Malm »

I added a USB outlet, or remove the USB adapter and it is a normal cigarette light size, outlet to my 86 SEI....
The rubber plug in the upper right side of the fairing is almost the right size....
I drilled the hole larger using a wood spade bit, with a little block of wood behind it to help keep it centered....
Worked out well, I still have to wire it to power, but thats another day....

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Re: I added USB

Post by patbrandon1 »

Nice job.

I did something similar to my '87. I replaced my cigarette lighter that I would plug in an USB port into. I never used the cigarette lighter, so I swapped it out for one like you did.

Just some info that you may already know (but in case you don't)...In my search for a replacement I found out that some of the USB outlets draw power even when nothing is plugged into them. Not a great draw, but if not ridden for a couple weeks could drain the battery to a point that the bike won't start. In my case, I had already changed my lighter so that it only had power when the key is on accessory or started. I didn't like power to anything when the key is off (except for the radio memory). So I didn't have to wire it to the accessory fuse, as it already was.

I had put my volt meter to it when hooking things up to see if there was a draw on it. I had just hooked it up to the battery by itself, and there was a slight draw on it. I can't remember the exact number of amps it drew, but it did draw some.

I just thought I would mention this because some members might not know that this draw of power can be the case with many USB inserts and modifications.

Thanks for posting this and putting up photos. Photos make it funner for some reason. :D
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