windshield scratches

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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windshield scratches

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afternoon all my 84 1200 has a scratched windshield,Is thear anything on the market that will help buff them out.Itreid the pledge thing with hardley any resultsThanks for any imput

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Re: windshield scratches

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Well, depending on how deep the scratch is, there are several ways that can go. In aviation, the windows are polycarbonates, when they get a scratch it isn't just swap it out like on our bikes (and they are expensive). There is a kit of abrasive cloths starting about 6-800 grit ranging all the way up to 32000 grit. Problem with this kit is it takes a lot of patience and elbow grease. You start out with the lowest grit across the scratch, when the scratch is gone and all lines are going the same way, you change to the next and repeat in other direction. You keep this up till you have gotten up to the highest grit number. That last grit will basically polish the plastic. But, you start out with a 1" scratch, and wind up with an area (if your careful) about 6-8" square as you consume the lines made from the previous grit. I had to do this procedure on a jet canopy, a lot of time involved, but the results are remarkable. One trick to that is a little rubbing, and blow out the abrasive cloth with an air wand. The build up will make more scratches. I had a lot of scratches and haze on my 1200, but on the whole windshield. Tried several different things, wound up with a 3M headlight kit. Fortunately I had the drill with the correct rpm range. It didn't say the air wand trick in the instructions, but it builds up on the pads just the same. I managed to get the windshield back to a reasonable viewing state. But the PO(s) must have used windex or ammonia on it, because it has yellowed. Now I'm in need of replacement. On the other hand, if the scratches are more like surface swipes from grit, you might give Novus products a try. Three bottles with a fine to extra fine grit suspension, which also requires a bit of elbow grease. These are just some suggestions from my experiences that I'm used to doing. You might look up care of the plastic windshield on the internet to avoid these things in the future. Like don't run your hand across the the windshield, rinse with clean water before washing or using a plastic friendly cleaner. Never use anything with ammonia in it, or any solvents. Hope this helps.
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Re: windshield scratches

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For large scratches and lots of of ugly marks ... here is the plan : ... r-under-4/

For smaller scratches, I have done this same procedure over a 2x2 in area with good success .

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