86 Aspy charging 21 volts at around 2000 rpm.

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86 Aspy charging 21 volts at around 2000 rpm.

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Checked battery water and found it to be Dry . Filled battery and charged it at various rates . the batt reads 16-17 volts when just sitting and 21+- when running at 2000. Ordered a new reg. Rectifier, and will check grounds when installing new reg. Thinking it was acting up last season , could smell battery off and on . All wiring seems fine . Anything else i might chek ? have a good one Gerald

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Re: 86 Aspy charging 21 volts at around 2000 rpm.

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If the battery is reading 16-17 volts when the bike is off and it's just sitting, then you need to buy a new meter. You might also want to try a new battery in your meter - I've seen that cause meters to read high before.

When charged and rested, a lead acid cell should have a potential of 2.1V. With six cells in your battery, that is 12.6 volts. For it to show 16 volts, each cell would have to have 2.7 volts, and that would defy the laws of electrochemistry.

That said...if the battery was boiled dry, it's probably history anyway. In which case, before destroying a new battery, you should investigate the cause of the overcharging causing the electrolyte to boil off.
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