Starter Solenoid gaggle

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Starter Solenoid gaggle

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New 1984 Interstate owner and I have a stupid question. Please keep in mind when answering that electrical stuff throws me for a loop so please be descriptive. I just bought my bike, and since the battery I bad I haven't started it yet, but have an been doing some looking. Somehow, someone has two starter solenoids installed, one looks original the other new and different, I attached pics for you to see. Since I don't want to screw this thong up I want to make sure it's right, and know for sure what wires go where. When looking at the original solenoid he has the red and red/white wires connected to the terminals closest to the fuse, a yellow and green/red wire are tied together and are split one end going to battery the other to one post...... On the new solenoid he has one post the looks to run to the starter, the other post to the battery, then the yellow/red wire going to it and a green/red wire attached to nothing (that is not from the bike but solenoid itself), gets connected to battery pos I am guesing.... please look at pic and you should be able to see..... if your confused I am sorry, I am too.... thanks for your help

Solenoid gaggle
Solenoid gaggle

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Re: Starter Solenoid gaggle

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Starting over would be the best bet. What you need is one of these, maybe you can find one that's not from China, and maybe a new solenoid. ... 100623.m-1
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