fork oil change 1986 SEi

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fork oil change 1986 SEi

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I plan to do a fork oil change, and reading in the shop manual, it doesn't really make it clear, and the how-to-article is really for the 1500...
My question is, bike up on a lift, wheel in the air, if I simply bleed off the air, drain the fluid, remove and clean the anti-dive, reassemble anti-dive, put in drain plug.... Now, I am ready to remove the fork cap, if I do these one at a time, will they be under much spring pressure? Can I refill it, then simply push it back down and tighten the cap, or is it harder than that?
I have done this on my V65 Magna, and it was that simple, but this bike must have much heavier front springs...
Do I need to remove the front wheel and extend the fork?

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