Timing question

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Timing question

Post by cptkill21 »

So my timing is slightly off due to the whole radiator and pulley issue i'm fixing. I can't rotate the crankshaft clockwise with the belts on as it feels far too tight and is starting to mess up the threads on my bolt.
I'm pretty sure the left camshaft (facing the front of the bike) is slightly out of time and is causing the crankshaft to be stuck.

Can I safely time the engine with the belts off by following the rotation ratios?

Thanks guys

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Re: Timing question

Post by ekvh »

No. If you’re feeling resistance turning the crank it is either hydrolocked or a valve hitting a piston, or worse. It won’t take much to bend a valve. To see if it’s hydrolocked, pull the plugs, turn kill switch to STOP and see if it turns. If it is, you may get a shot of fuel out of a plug hole. If a spark occurs you will have a flamethrower of 20-30 feet.

If that’s not it, you can remove both belts, turn the crank shaft back ccw 45- 90 degrees, then turn the belt pulleys to the marks, making sure both UP marks are up. Then slowly rotate crank to T1 and replace belts.
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