GL1200 - Valve Lash Adjusters | Tappets

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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GL1200 - Valve Lash Adjusters | Tappets

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Hi All,

Anyone have any experience with the Goldwing Hydraulic lash adjusters?

I'm resorting an old 1984 Goldwing and have removed the Lash Adjusters. Bled them in Kerosene and checked the clearances. All are good to go.

The manual is kind of vague on the next part, as it states that I cannot turn them upside down, but in order to re-install them you have to turn them upside down. Am I missing some trick here? Should I pump them back up with clean oil prior to re-installing?

Thanks for the help!

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Re: GL1200 - Valve Lash Adjusters | Tappets

Post by WingMan71 »

Well... the FSM (factory service manual) doesn't actually say "don't turn them upside down". It actually says "To prevent entry of air, do not tilt the adjusters once they are filled with oil or kerosene."

They just don't want a bunch of the oil that you filled the adjusters with after cleaning and inspecting them to bleed out of the oil holes and allow air in before you quickly install them in place.

FSM instructions after inspecting/filling are:
Slide the exhaust valve tappets into the camshaft holder with the oil holes facing up. Next, install the cap on each intake valve tappet adjuster and slide it into position in the camshaft holder with the cap facing up. Finally, install the shims and stopper plugs.

It's been a while since I've done this, but you just don't want the adjusters sitting around laying on their sides for a while before you install them. That would allow some of the oil to bleed out and air to get in.

Yes, installing the intake side adjusters (with the head still on the bike) means that you would have to position the adjuster "upside down" for a second or two while you insert it into the camshaft holder and put the shim and stopper plug back on, but that can be done quickly and not much of any oil will bleed out of the adjuster while you do it.

So, YES, you want to have them filled with oil and then immediately install them.

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