Odd issue with Cornering lights.

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Odd issue with Cornering lights.

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So I have just swapped out all the turn signal and tail light bulbs for LEDs. I also changed and rewired the signal and hazard relays. Now when I indicate a turn, the cornering lights flash with the indicators, not stay on solid. The relays I used are a standard 3 prong electronic relay rated for LEDs and 2-6 bulbs. And suggestions and how to stop them from flashing?

Also my taillight warning light on the dash has come on. I’m assuming this is because of the difference in resistance between the LED’s and incandescent bulbs. My plan for that is just pull the bulb when I swap all the dash lights for lEDs.

Oh and BTW just swapping the headlight and it side lights, the turn signals and brake lights has made a big difference on the electrical draw on the system.

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