Air Shock sys. on 1986 GL-1200

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Air Shock sys. on 1986 GL-1200

Post by Jesus1st »

I recently got this bike, and I don't see any air compressor or related equipment, all I have is the tank & filler on Right side. I am having issue with maintaining Pressure on my rear shocks, and was wondering if the missing compressor sys. was the cause.
Is it possible it came with out a compressor? should I try to retrofit one?
Is there something else I should be looking for as a cause? I don't hear or find a leak (using soapy water), so not sure why it needs air every couple days.
Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: Air Shock sys. on 1986 GL-1200

Post by tbeiler »

86 Interstate or Aspencade?
The 86 Aspy has has the compressor, you can see it by the buttons on RHS lower console.
Not sure if the Interstate came with this option, but if you don't have the console buttons you wont have the compressor.

What do you mean by tank and filler?
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Re: Air Shock sys. on 1986 GL-1200

Post by oldishwinger »

if you have the interstate, the compressor was not fitted. the aspencade is the one with the compressor. the interstate instead has air valves that you can use to pump the shocks up. the rear is situated on the right side near the top of the rear leg, the front one is situated near the top of the right front leg.

good luck.
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Re: Air Shock sys. on 1986 GL-1200

Post by julimike54 »

If you don't have the version with the compressor (or do) and have air leaks there are a few 'O' rings that could have dried out and are leaking on the air tubing (or the tubing is leaking) from both shocks. It could also be that the seals inside the shocks are leaking and the shocks need to be re-built or replaced. Good luck!

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