Measuring for valve adjust shims

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Measuring for valve adjust shims

Post by ekvh »

I posted this at NGW but looking for advice from 1200 guys on this.

I do not have the special tool required for measuring clearance of whether to shim or not. It appears that there is a shelf in the rocker arm shaft that the tool rests on. I have the exact measurements of the tool and think I could just do a little basic math to check without the tool, just a depth caliper.

The tool appears to have a flat bottom so it would have to rest at the highest point of the shelf on the rocker arm shaft. Anyone who has the remotest, foggiest idea, please opine.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Measuring for valve adjust shims

Post by DaveO430 »

Seems to me you could use the caliper and subtract that measurement from .225 and have your answer.
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