Gear Indicator and Cruise Control

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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Gear Indicator and Cruise Control

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Ok guys, you have helped me figure a few problems out, so here I come again. I took my 1985 Wing, Limited and a long road trip Heading from Michigan to Florida. We made it as far at Georgia before we had overheating problems, which turned out to be the water pump. After the mechanic replaced the water pump, we had a shifting problem, He tore it back down and found that he lost some clearance with the new gasket, made the adjustment and we were on our way (Back to Michigan by the time the pump came in). The first thing I noticed is that the Gear position indicator would only flash it's position during the shift and then it was blank then just stayed blank. Later during the trip when I shifted it into 5th gear, The "N" was visible and the "Green" neutral light was on while running in 5th gear. That stopped with the next fill up. Also, I can turn on the cruise control and it shown on the instrument panel, but when I got to set it, nothing happens. Please, can you guys come through again! it 20 years to get my wife back on my bike for a trip as nice as this one (even nicer then you don't have a problem

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Re: Gear Indicator and Cruise Control

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I'll start the madness considering that I own one of these '85 LTD. From my perusing of the forums, it is recommended to only use the Honda gasket for the transmission/water pp cover because of the close tolerances in this area. Was the gasket an aftermarket or original Honda gasket? It appears to me that the switch assembly may be out of alignment and this can be your issue with the shift indication on the dash.

As for your cruise not working, this may also be the case because if the gear indication is not correct the cruise control system does not know what speed you are doing. You haven't mentioned that the speed is indicating on the dash - hoping that it is, and if so it is not the speed sensor.

Checked the schematic in the electrical troubleshooting manual that I expect you have or should have, and the shift sensor is an integral part of the cruise operation.

Having mentioned the above, you would need to take the transmission/water pump cover off, realign the shift sensor, put back together and test. I believe there is information on this forum regarding doing this work and what has to be considered/done for proper operation of the shift sensor.

Hope this helps. Good luck.
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Re: Gear Indicator and Cruise Control

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in behind the front cover there is a small switch which has to be lined up when the front cover is put back on after replacing the water pump. the switch is the gear indicator its seems like it may have been missed.
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