stator replace

Information and questions on GL1200 Goldwings (1984-1987)
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stator replace

Post by zackzuro »

So it finally happened, almost 100K and the stator is gone
I really want to do a replacement rather than a conversion so what I am looking for is opinions on the various replacements available out there.
I have the following
Ricks Motorsports - made in USA $150.00
RM Stator - from Canada $140.00 CA
Randakk's - made by some Asian company only $115.00
Electrosport - description language is exactly the same as Randakk but $140.00
Saber Cycle - Made in USA $130.00 (I know customers have spoken poorly about SC but I have dealt with them for years, along with all the other suppliers out there, and haven't had any issues with them)

Any advice?


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Re: stator replace

Post by froche »

Poorboy alternator .......just saying
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Re: stator replace

Post by paneled »

I had the same issue with my sei, after reading many post about stators and replacement
stators that had failed with very few miles on them, i decided to go with the poor boy kit,
but i had a machinist in my van club make me a pulley and the mounting brackets i made
myself, it`s been two years since i did mine and it has worked flawlessly. took a whole lot
less time to convert than to replace the stator. jmtcw
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Re: stator replace

Post by SilverDave »

I understand why you'd like to keep it "Original ".... Me too !

I've had two friends pick the Electrosport for their 1200's ... seems to have good warranty, 'cept for labour .

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Re: stator replace

Post by AZgl1800 »

keeping it stock is always a good thing,

and here is the Creme of the Crop of after market replacements if you don't want to pay OEM prices.

So this would be a good shopping list:

Stator: ... tor-21_102

Regulator/ rectifier: ... or-10_105H

Connector Kit: ... Kit-11_104

Rear cover gasket: ... ket-25_103

6mm All thread, three matching nuts and washers: Why?

All the rear case covers are different.

Make sure you order the specific year gasket.

The old stator generally just falls out of the cover once the screws are removed.

The new stator is close to a press fit.
Use an impact driver to remove the screws. You'll need to reuse them.

I would be hesitant about smacking the new stator.

I use threaded rod in the case, slip the stator over the top and evenly pull the stator into place with nuts/washers. Make sure of the orientation.

EDIT: I Copy/Paste my hints...... I did not do this job myself
but like to impart as much info as I can.
I keep a very good notebook

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Re: stator replace

Post by oldishwinger »

perhaps its worth thinking about, before you replace the stator, as to what caused the failure in the first place. its easy to think that, its just a stator failure, I did and went through two stators before realizing something else was wrong, and causing the stators to fail (a very costly way of finding out)

So, if I could humbly suggest, after you install the new stator, check a few things like wiring around the rectifier, test the rectifier, and if its all sweet, the voltage at the battery, should be consistent at around 14.5 volts at 3000rpm

good luck
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Re: stator replace

Post by zackzuro »

Thanks to all who have replied so far
Project is underway this W/E
Will have motor out by tomorrow
Stator will be Rick's Motorsports
Yes, I have been well into my charging system for the last number of years
Connectors have been bypassed and voltage monitors were installed years ago
I am very religious about my oil changes
Started to notice some erratic behavior on my voltmeter sometime last year
I just think that with the original Honda design and the miles and years on the road, time was up
Stator is totally grounded out now
I am putting my faith in a hopefully improved design and will go from there
Will keep everyone posted

Thanks Again
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Re: stator replace

Post by JulianR »

Please seriously consider doing an alternator conversion (ie 'poorboy') .
I can appreciate keeping a bike factory stock - I have 4 "preservation class" Hondas, but
I think the improvement, reliability and ease of conversion outwiegh the "negatives
Besides, my 86 Interstate still looks 97% original..
The first 3 words for Step 1 in the manual for Stator replacement actually say"remove the engine".
I did the conversion to a 1 wire 35amp alternator (smaller than the Mitsubishi one) Don's basic kit.
just basic tools needed, and a dreml with a grinding disk. I'm no mechanic, either.

After all done, I only had to slightly modify the lower left side fairing, push out the lower mounting of the
radiator about 1 inch, and give up one of the horns.
Good Luck!
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Re: stator replace

Post by Ohara »

I did the conversion on my Aspencade, it was not difficult. I am very happy with the results. I no longer have to worry about the stator failing when I am touring. It is worth the peace of mind... :D
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Re: stator replace

Post by zackzuro »

So everything is nearing completion
Exhaust system is undergoing some minor repair at my welding shop
One question I have is how to remove the copper gaskets from the cylinder head
I purchased new ones from Honda, but I'm not quite sure how to go about removing the old ones
I don't want to scratch or damage the sealing surface in the head

Anyone done this before?

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