Buzzing noise from speedometer needle.

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Buzzing noise from speedometer needle.

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When it is cooler out (usually under 20 degrees C) I get a buzzing noise from the speedometer cluster.

I have, to isolate the problem, lubricated the cable and speedometer gearbox (the tab for the speedometer cable broke and I have replaced the speedometer gearbox). When I put everything back together the speedometer slowly radised to 30km/h and wouldn't go any higher. When I stopped it took approximately 30-60 seconds for the needle to reach zero. I removed the speedometer from the instrument cluster and observed a sitcky substance on the sliver piece behind the small coil spring. I cleaned it off and moved the needle back and fourth until it went freely to the rest at zero. I put everything back together and I still have the buzzing sound, but the speedometer is showing the correct speed again.

When I reach approximately 80km/h the buzzing starts. I put my hand on the instrument cluster and feel the instrument cluster vibrating. I don't notice the needle jump when the buzzing kicks in. When I slow, the buzzing stops somewhere between 30 - 40 km/h, again, I don't notice thw needle jump.

My question is this. Is there a video or instructions on how to and where to lubricate the speedometer instrument? I can only find videos on how to lubricate a speedometer cable. Any thoughts on an other possibility as to the cause of my issue?

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